Blue Box Fantasy Set


 Blue Box is doing a fantasy set as well




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  1. Dan Murphy says:

    Will this be at Target as well? If so Blue Box may be opening a new era in marketing quality toy soldiers to the public. Their modern soldier tub is very nice, and as far as I can tell at my local Target seems to sell at a good rate. Will these fantasy figures be in a tub or a playset?

  2. erwin says:

    most bad guys look like LOTR orks/goblins from movies.the knight look very Teutonic type in most, other like archer look great to make line or medieval archers.
    Scale by description my go well with accurate,airfix !!??

  3. Dan Murphy says:

    I thought I would bring this up here since we were talking about Target. I was in a Target the other day and in the dollar section they had bags of pirates and knights manufactured by Toysmith. The pirates came in a bag of 12 pieces – 8 pirates and 4 accessories. The pirates are soft plastic, half black, half red and about 60 mm. They are rather crudely molded – I could not recognize them as recasts of anything that I had seen before. The knights come in bags of twenty, black and grey. They are shrunken and thinner versions of vinyl knights that I think used to be marketed by Supreme. They are in a mix of styles in each bag, including some that are clearly taken from those figures that used to be sold in Hobbylobby as Romans, but which were actually Greeks. These knights average around 50mm. All things taken into consideration – not bad for a buck. Target is becoming the most interesting box store source of toy soldiers.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I will try to get to my local Target in the next few days to check it out. It is great to see figures out in the general market.

  4. Shaun says:

    Thanks so much for posting these pictures. I’m very excited for this set.

  5. Darren says:

    Really excited about these Orcs and Knights figures from Bluebox, Ive been wanting a set like this to come out for a Long time. Does anyone know when they will come out and are they 54mm Scale?

  6. Attack Jack says:

    Please keep us updated if anyone sees these in the wild. This and the Pirates bucket will be an instant 2x bucket purchase!


  7. Dan Murphy says:

    A few weeks back my wife very obligingly picked up a bucket of the pirates for me while she was on a Target run. Since then, every time I have been in Target, (and for various reasons I was in four of them), I have seen nothing, not even the Blue Box armymen buckets. Maybe we are in a lull before Target restocks for the Fall. Good news – the Blue Box armymen buckets are in Meijer for the same price of $9.99.

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