Fantastic Timpo Figure Lot White Glove Confederates

Fantastic Timpo Figure Lot White Glove Confederates, Detlef Heerbrand spotted this  lot on Ebay Germany.  The first picture does not show why the lot is of extreme interest. In the next photos you see the contents of the Timpo figure pack. they are white glove Union and Confederates. It gets better the box has laying firing Union and Confederate figures. These last are the most elusive Timpo figures for Timpo collectors. People said they were never issued.

Fantastic Timpo Figure Lot White Glove Confederates White Glove Confederates

The white glove figures were one of the last series done by Timpo. The white glove union or cavalry are easy to find. They usually sell around $10 to $12.00. The white glove Confederates are harder to find. It is felt that they were done in less quantity.  Prices for  the white glove Confederates have been high in the several hundred dollar range. I know this is true as I sold sold two from my collection for this high price. Where I got them I do not know. My one friend was surprised I had them. I was too.

Looking at the lot, there are 24 figures. Twelve of the 24 white glove figures are Confederates.  This is amazing to see next we look at the laying firing figure.

Fantastic Timpo Figure Lot White Glove Confederates Laying Firing Figure

As I mention earlier the lot has laying firing figure for both Union and Confederate figures. four of them in fact.  This is the rarest Timpo figure ever.  Not my qoute but from Paul Morehead.  He related that Norman Tooth the designer for Timpo Toys  had said they had been made.  Laurie and I  had talked to Norman as well on that subject and he had said the same.  Until this point they had only been only seen in a Timpo catalog.

Fantastic Timpo Figure Lot White Glove Confederates Concern or Danger

One of the major concerns on this lot is they could be fakes.  Over the years various people  have made fakes of the higher price Timpo figures.  Some have painted Union figure gray. Other people have recast figure using the plastic of other similar figures. so many people are concern especially with the number of laying firing figures. At the moment no one know of anyone having a laying firing figure.

Fantastic Timpo Figure Lot White Glove Confederates final Comments

This offering will be watch over the coming days. what I have not mention there is a second lot of Timpo Confederate and Union figures  by the same dealer. This lot has 22 figures. Fourteen of the figures are white glove Confederates.  There are four laying firing two Union and two Conederate. 

The prices on the lots are already high.  First lot is at $1824.00.  Second lot is at $1777.00. I have converted it to dollars from Euros. I feel you will see the price go higher as the Big timpo collectors come in. we will keep you posted


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5 Responses to Fantastic Timpo Figure Lot White Glove Confederates

  1. Wayne W says:

    I was never a big fan of swoppets myself (this was in my pre-painting days); but I bought a SLEW of them for my younger brothers when I was stationed in Germany. I have to admit my eye was always caught by the big display cases of Timpo and Britains figures the big toy store downtown had.

    Looking at the prices those figures are getting now it makes me regret I didn’t take the plunge for myself.

  2. Peter Bergner says:

    for me they look like fakes, the grey of the body is different than the hats. And the other thing is that the guy had a similar auction over a year ago and it would be to good to be true, will see.

  3. Mark T. says:

    The way the bags are sealed is different on the Eskimos and the Civil War figures. I have no idea if they are real or not, though. I sold one genuine Confederate White Gloves Officer to an opthalmologist in Germany a few years ago for about $2,000 just for the one man and I also got $500 for a White Gloves Confederate trooper with a broken rifle. If I were this guy, I would have split this up into many smaller lots.

    • admin says:

      Yes this is a great question on if they are real or not. Many of the German collectors are feeling they are not real. We will have to see.

  4. erwin sell says:

    Well real or not it sold way over many Marx playset ,so i guess the Trick or Treat went great !!!
    Regardless is not first time i see TIMPO sale x silly prices ,especially in Germany and Australia .No meaning any personal offense please but in my particular case i will never paid these prices for toy figures even if were millionaire .
    My thoughts …

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