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Peter Evans Finds For December

Peter Evans Finds are always a nice surprise. Our very good friend Peter Evans has sent us some more interesting items.  Many of the items we will be showing in this post have show in the United States.  The first … Continue reading

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Simex Skin Divers Just Like Kellogg’s

Simex divers these are interesting figures that our very good friend Andreas Dittmann found in a box. These figures are design to go into a bathtub and go up and down by the addition of baking soda or some other … Continue reading

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Engineer Bassevitch Assyrians

Engineer Bassevitch Assyrians, we already have our first hint of the new year.  Our good friend Denitz is out there posting photos of these new exciting figures.  The Assyrians were in power from 2500 BC until 520 BC when they were … Continue reading

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Mars Figure Upcoming Releases

Mars Figures  just when we thought there would be any more new figure news for 2015.  Our very good friend Denitz from Russia has photos of  two new figure sets from this company. Mars is from the Ukraine and is known for their  … Continue reading

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Plastic Figures from Around the world

Plastic figures over the years I have been amazed by the wide variety of plastic figures that have been produced. The above plastic figures I  found in a junk box. The figures were made in Hong Kong. I figured they were … Continue reading

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Do You Recognize These Figures

Do you recognize these Revolutionary War Artillery figures and who made them? Greg Liska found these figures, I thought Armies in Plastic but when I looked at their web site I could not find them. So we need your help.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

On behalf of Laurie, the boys (Sparky, Percy and Quinn) and myself  we wish everyone a Merry Christmas  and Happy Holidays.  We hope that you have a nice quiet Christmas. We had a nice Christmas, we went out on Christmas Eve … Continue reading

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Gulliver Figures and More from Bill Nevins

Gulliver Figures are just one of the many figures that Bill Nevins found recently. Gulliver is an interesting company from Brazil. They are known for two things, their copies of Atlantic figures Western and World War II and their Marvel … Continue reading

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MPC Western Character Playsets

MPC Western character playsets is an interesting  category of playsets.  Over the years MPC did a number of playsets based on television shows, I was recently reminded by our very good friend Andreas Dittmann.  Andreas  reported that he saw a … Continue reading

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Barry Carter Has Died

Barry L Carter the promoter for many years of Indy show has passed away. He was 72. You can read his obituary at this link Barry Carter

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