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Andygard Civil War Test Shots

Bill Nevins got  test shots years ago from a party of the Andygard Civil War. They were done in a pewter color in a virgin plastic. I may have somewhere a test shot in yellow.  The mold was purchased  by … Continue reading

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Paladin Italeri Copies of Knights

Bill Nevins found these figures at his local flea market. They are copies of the Italeri knights from China. I had heard years ago the Italeri mounted  Napoleonic had been copied and had shown up in the dollar stores in … Continue reading

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More on George Eric

Our very good friend Erwin Sell has sent us a link to a Spanish article that has been translated to English. It will give a little more insight on this sculptor

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Marx Freight Terminal Playset

Here is a link to a photo of Marx Freight Terminal Playset.  The freight  terminal building would be a great addition to an Untouchable set up.

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Hogan Heroes Set

Our very good friend Brian Johnson spotted this  item on Ebay the Hogan’s Heroes Set by  Harmony. Sadly the figures are generic WWII Germans. As to the price, it is another one for Rusty to post in Playset Magazine.

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Reamsa Party Bag

Bill Nevins sent us pictures of one of the bags he got from Mexico. The minute I saw the header card I knew what the story was. The figures were done for the party supply business as prizes.  I had … Continue reading

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Ed Borris Civil War Conversion Part Two

Our very good friend Ed Borris has sent us some Civil War Conversion for a party. The stretcher party was made using two MPC ring hand Civil War figures as stretcher bearers. The wounded figure is designed to be face down, … Continue reading

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Greg Liska is Looking for Timmee Mounted Cavalry

 Greg Liska is looking for the  following Timmee Cavalry Figures 2 mounted Timmee cavalry flag bearers (flag can be missing and some damage is OK if it’s minor scuffs, no other parts missing). 1 mounted Timmee Cavalry bugler (some scuffing … Continue reading

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Jescan and Comansi Videos

Here are some videos of Jescan and Comansi figures including ads that were shown on Spanish television. The last two are videos of a person’s western displays.

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Unknown Female Figure

I picked up this unusual female figure recently. The figure is about 4 inches high and factory painted .  I have no idea who made it. Do you?

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