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Ralf Daum Timpo Parts

Our very good friend Axel has sent us the information on where you can get the parts we featured in What’s Wrong with this picture.  Ralf has an EBay store on EBay Germany. The store’s name is dabro-parts Ralf has a … Continue reading

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New Figures

Steve Weston has posted in the Treefrog forum some new figures coming out. First up is Call to Arms doing  Normans.  According to Steve, the figures were suppose to be out  last  year, but now have been release. Also Armies in … Continue reading

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What is Wrong with This Picture

The answer to that question is the hats and shields are new production by Ralf Daum of Germany. He is doing a wide array of accessories for Timpo, Plasty and others. I will show more examples in the near future … Continue reading

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In Case you missed it Austin Miniatures

Austin Miniatures has series of photos up of their 8 new U.S. marine figures which will be out in September. You can check the photos  at the link below:

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End Times: Barbie the Movie

Yes they are talking about doing a movie on Mattel’s Barbie. if you are interested go to the link below.

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UK Khaki Infantry

Hugh Walters has a great article on British Khaki Infantry on his site Small Scale World. It is very interesting and gives a good look at the various British makers. Here is the link

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Happy Easter

I hope that you had a good Easter  Laurie and I went to a  restaurant  twenty miles  away from our home they have a great buffet with various Pennsylvania Dutch foods.  They also have a great deserts that give you a … Continue reading

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Auburn Armored Car

One of my favorite vehicles from my childhood was the Auburn armored car.  It was the only item  from Auburn  that I had as a child.  Auburn made it in rubber and soft plastic.  We know the figure molds of the … Continue reading

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Open Fire Figures

A company has surfaced that is doing plastic figures from the United Kingdom. The company is called  Open Fire.  They are doing the figures in  1/32 Scale  Resin or Hard plastic figures. The figures are pre painted. They have done a variety of … Continue reading

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Tmmee Germany

Brian Johnson has passed along this update from the Timmee Army blog on Timmee Germany. As has been reported before Timmee had a company in Germany making Timmee figures. While most of the figures were copies of Timmee U.S., Timmee made … Continue reading

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