A close-up look of the huge display that Ron had in the lobby of the Hyatt


Every year the collectors at OTSN look forward to the new playset being released by Ron Barzso of Barzso Playsets. What the playset will be is a secret that only a few people know and they will not tell you. This year's playset is the trail of Robin Hood.

The first sign of what would be in this playset was displayed in the lobby of the Hyatt. Ron and his team had an eight foot by eight foot display of the playset along with the other parts available for sale. The scene showed a large amount of merry men heading to attack the castle which are defended by a large force of men at arms.


Another look at the massive display in the lobby

After spending some minutes with the massive display we headed up the elevator to see Ron and see more of the playset. We arrived at Ron's two connecting rooms and found Ron in a discussion with other people. We complimented Ron on his latest success and he gave us insight on the latest playset.


A close up  of the castle.

Ron said that due to the rising cost of resin and other factors, he had gone to China for plastic for the merrymen and men at arms. He was amazed how it was easy to work with the Chinese in getting his work done. He showed us the merrymen with long staff. When he had gotten the original figure from the factory the figure had blockage. He asked the people he was working with in China if they could do anything. They came back to him with the changed figure. They had taken the arm and made it a a separate piece to get rid of the blockage. He was glad that he changed over to the new procedure and plastic.

A close up of the Robin Hood character figures and the accessories.

Ron explained how he was selling his new playset. First you had the basic playset. The set comes with four character figures in resin- Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck  and Little John. These figures are augmented with 48 Merrymen in brown and green in eight poses and 48 Normans in silver in eight poses. In addition to the figures you get six low stone walls and 1 manor house in foam. The playset is rounded out with a nice selection of accessories in resin including an ox with cart, camp accessories  and much more. The basic playset is $299.95 plus $20.00 shipping.

Close up of the Normans or men at arms

Next we have the Nottingham castle. This comes with a large castle keep, one gate wall with  a working drawbridge, two castle walls and four tower caps. Ron noted that the Chinese had gotten the tower caps in the same red color as the old Elastolin castle tower tops. According to the web site, the castle measures 27" wide by 37 " deep when assembled. The highest point of the keep is 19". The castle sells for $299.95 plus $40.00 postage.



Another look at the basic playset

The nice thing about the castle is that you can expand it to as big as you want it. This is due to Ron having extra walls and towers available to make your idea of your own castle layout distinctive.  One collector was going to have his castle six times the size of the basic set. Ron also made a two story building that can be placed inside the castle or use it to make a village. One other foam piece is a tree to help create Sherwood Forest.

A look of the Barzso's Merrymen figures. We will being doing a review soon.

Ron is also selling the Merrymen and the sheriff's men in separate boxes. Each box has sixteen figures in eight poses. Each box is available for $20.00. 

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