Stadsstuff Frequently Ask Questions FAQ

Stadsstuff Frequently Ask Questions FAQ is where we will give you information on our background, our purpose, etc. It wil contain the information to contact us.  FAQ will have comment and article requirements.

Stadsstuff Frequently Ask Questions FAQ Background

Who is Stad?

I am Stad or Paul Stadinger.

How long have you been in the hobby?

I have been active in the hobby since 1978. I was collecting before then but not active as my main area at the time was Boy Scout collecting. when looking for Boy Scout items I would see figures and say boy I wish I had as a child and pick it up.

Why did you take the name Stad?

Years ago I set up a discount store on Eighth St in Allentown, PA called Stad’s Discounts. It was a block away from where my father ran grocery store years earlier called  Paul’s. ( We both have the same first name.) After I closed the discount store I kept Stad’s for my mail order toy soldier business.

Did you have other web sites before this?

Yes I had two other sites that I had with two local internet providers. Both of the providers went under and I lost the domain name. I went with a national company the third time.

Stadsstuff Frequently Ask Questions FAQ Comment Time

What was the unique thing on your mailing list?

I had a page called Comment Time. On that page I would talk about toy soldiers. There I would  talk about the shows I went to, new items and personal matters. Comment Time when it started was unique at the time as there was no internet or magazines except for Plastic Warrior.  I had learn about doing such a page from Stan Lee and Joe Hehn. Stan Lee was at the time I started my list was the editor of Marvel Comics. He included a page for the readers which made them feel they were part of the experience. Joe Hehn had a business that dealt in the mail order of old time radio tapes.  I learned marketing from him. He also had a page which talked about the various shows that he was selling.  So I copied from them.

What was in Comment Time?

Comment Time contained news of new releases, reports on shows and other information. It had sad news of the lost of love ones. It had great news when I found Laurie and our wedding.  I know that many people enjoyed it. Bill Nevins did a look back at some of the old issues  a year or two ago with updated comments from me.

Stadsstuff Frequently Ask Questions FAQ Web Site

So your web site is a continuation of Comment Time

Yes I continued the web site after I closed the store.  I had been burned out and the internet had affected my business.  I kept the comments going as I felt the hobby need another voice. My computer crashed and I lost my existing program  Front Page by Microsoft.  They had decided to discontinue it.  I could not get the program  so I lost access to the files which are still on the internet.  Just search.

I did a search and found Word Press. I like the features and it gave me something I had not had before a place  people could comment. This annoyed one party and I lost my link I had with him.  It was no loss in my book because I was getting response back from people interested in my comments

Stadsstuff Frequently Ask Questions FAQ Submissions

How do I make a comment?

Just pick a topic that you want to comment on.  It will get posted unless it has lots of  links then it might be held to I approve it. Also first time commenters may be held as well.

If it gets into spam  I may miss it. If you do not see it up contact us at

Are there any restrictions?

My only restrictions are no degoratory coments based on race, creed, religion. gender or sexual preference.  No curse words I see and hear enough that.  Do not post your email  as I do not want spammers to get it. If someone wants to contact you I will pass it along. No selling of items before I give permission. You can go to Ebay or Craiglist.   I will also stop flame wars.  I also will edit comments basically correcting grammar which I find funny as I was terrible in English in school. Yet I have written most of these posts, Epublish a book and short story.  I have two more books in final stages and I am working on a fourth one.

What about photos?

You can send them to

Stadsstuff Frequently Ask Questions FAQ Article Submissions

What about Articles?

We welcome articles related to the hobby. We look for any show reports even if Laurie and I attend it.  Articles  will be edited to the requirements wanted by the search engines mainly Google.  In the last year I have taken courses and from my SEO provider Yoast. I have learned certain requirements. For example  subheadings are requred. Sections should only have three hundred words.  You can not have three sentences start off with the same words in a row.

Where do I send my article?

You can send your article and any photos to

Stadsstuff Frequently Ask Questions FAQ Links

Do you do links?

Not at this time,I would have to police them. Also I have seen links go down and  I have enough work.