Marx Skyscraper AD

Our friend Brian Johnson sent this old ad advertising a sale for the Marx Skyscraper Playset. As you can see the set was for sale $2.98!  If you try to get the playset today mint in the box it would send you back several thousand dollars. The building alone can go for 300 or more.

4 Responses to Marx Skyscraper AD

  1. Paul Gruendler says:

    My dream is to get a new top for that iconic building made duplicating the “Daily Pla
    net….” Surely Hobby Bunker has a “hero” in stock for three bucks?

  2. Paul Gruendler says:

    Thanks, Stad. Got em from Bill Murray at OTSN!

    • admin says:

      You did not finish your statement. what you got from Murphy was plastic tower which he ran last year.Bill has also hat the furniture.

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