Heritage Toys Robin Hood’s Peasant Army

  One of the surprises at the OTS were Heritage Toys Swappable Robin Hood’s Peasant Army.  I had been told about them earlier  this year by owner of Heritage Toys Don Ducotte and he would have them at OTS. I had clued a friend to look out for them as he collects Robin Hood figures. He tried to get them at the show but they were sold out. I contacted Don and ordered eight of the figures.

I receieve the figures and was well pleased with what I got. Don does a wide varitey of poses  On the Heritage Toy Web site they listed 58 different poses!. The figures are nice I like the one kneeling with the sword. The only problem I have had with them is the figure kneeling firing the bow the upper body does not stay connect with the lower body.

The figures will work well with your Marx 54mm Robin Hood.

The figures are not cheap, they are $8.00 each. This is because they are hand produced and put together by Don and his wife. Don accepts a check from a U.S.bank, U.S. Postal money order and international money order in U.S. funds. Don does not accept PayPal.

If you are into Robin Hood you will want add these figures to your collection

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  1. Paul Gruendler says:

    Don DuCote is a dedicated artisan in the great American entrepeneurial tradition. He brought a trunkfull of figures to a McDonald’s along I-75 where Dorothy and I – on our way to the February Atlanta Show – met him. I ended up with 20 merrie
    s men and one of Don’s crude, but remarkable resin Swappable WWI Germans:gasmasked grenadier …

  2. Paul Gruendler says:

    Don and wife Jeanie will be at OTSN this year, but not setting up on Sunday.

  3. Ray Robinson says:

    Thanks, Paul, for putting me on to Don’s website – I’m only disappointed that I didn’t find it earlier, when he had more of his great WW1 German troops available!

    • pEEgEE, aka Paul Gruendler says:

      Check the website. Don is moving and will be “out of pocket” for awhile!

      • admin says:

        Paul G
        We were told by a collector at PW that Don was shut down for a move. According to his web site Don is moving into the Virginia area so he will be closer to many of the shows in the North East. Someone mention to me that Don is working on a Friar Tuck figure. Whether that is true or not we will have to see once he has reopened.

  4. Beverly Stein says:

    Can we buy these for our children’s birthday party?

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