Update from Brian McIver

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Brian McIver has sent photos of the finished marching poses enjoy.

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2 Responses to Update from Brian McIver

  1. Carl Castoro says:

    Hello Paul. I tried to email you at pestad@gmail.com. Doesn’t work. I sent you emails recently but you don’t seem to receive them. I’ll try again: Looking for Lone Star 54mm ACW figures. Also, know of anyone who makes 54mm wagon-horse harness sets? Marx would be ok, but no detail, and not authentic looking. Back in 2015 you had an auction for Lone Star, hoping you still have some of them to sell? Also, there doesn’t seem to be anything happening on Bill Nevins 54mm Conversion site. Still open? Hope you get this. Thanks, Carl

    • admin says:

      yes my email works. Some times I get jammed up on work. Nevins gets posting on his site from time to time. Sites like his need people to respond and come up with topics or cvomments. My site is a blog where I or someone come with an article. Then the article gets people to respond hopefully. I have been very successful on it.
      At the moment i have no Lone Star ACW available that I know of. Marx Harness horses get snapped up quickly. I find them in dribs and drabs.

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