Sell Toy JAGDPANZER L 70 Feedback


Our very good friend Erwin Sell wants feed back on his first production the JAGDPANZER L 70. Those of you who have purchased the item what are you were thoughts on it. What did you like? What did you not like? Erwin wants to know as he plans his next project.

15 Responses to Sell Toy JAGDPANZER L 70 Feedback

  1. Gary Binder says:

    nice choice of tank for late war scenes. Track and wheel detail are too shallow for my taste. Look at how ROCO achieved nice depth with plastic tracks in 1/87th scale.

    • erwin says:

      Thank you ,will take consideration on tracks detail.
      Yes Agree in light detail on those areas, only way for two pieces mold, same as CTS did/done unfortunately.
      Otherwise will require a 3er part tracks wheels mold done to accomplish more deep detail in large piece as Airfix and BMC .
      Different design modeling/molding than HO pieces.
      Jagdpanzer IV -Tank killer was active from late 1943-early 1944 till war end-1945.Not that late war period as King tiger or Jagdpanther/tigers.

  2. Don Perkins says:

    I purchased two of them when they first came out, and liked them very much. Good balance between detail and price, I thought. Also, I liked the sturdiness of the plastic. The scale looks good next to 54mm and 60mm infantry figures, so I hope Erwin sticks with the same scale.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Is Erwin going to produce another vehicle?

  4. Mike Giangregorio says:

    I purchased one of these and wish there were other products like this.
    The scale is great with the 54 mm or 1/32 scale, its durable enough to play with and it painted well. Great buy for the price.

  5. Wayne W says:

    I also was very impressed with the piece and am waiting for the next to come. Hopefully, Erwin will manage it in the current environment.

    • erwin says:

      thanks Wayne again as well others posting here.
      I appreciate the nice words
      I had not red it x long.
      I will post answer soon in regard production.

  6. erwin says:

    Regarding other armors .
    Presently I had come to a halt production in future armor for personal reason.
    But hopefully eventually I will be in production in the new way as I had many time mention with the Short runs as after observing the ever decreasing of any one production long run figures/toys in this hobby I had reach conclusion is not longer feasible and practical for maker ,sale and eventually buyers.
    However the turn over require some costly investments that require some time.
    So I will not announce any till I got it in hand as is my persona costume .
    I know some out there are not very happy or enthusiastically abut this but I rather as I mentioned before take my time and decide than promise and not archive.
    It is not my main source of income ,but rather my hobby personal enterprise to help a bit in hobby as well I had done bringing the OWN and AMEX brand plus other in line.
    Best regards.

  7. erwin says:

    Unrelated to selltoy Tank production .

    I like to explain or make clear again as I had recently read in a minor blog out there among few false postings wrote by it as well, the following that I had explained before and few makers had share before.

    I hope this clears up any doubts and please rest assure is not dedicated to all that read this forum but to very few others who like waste time talking non sense and assuming instead of focusing in themselves.

    Most long run production today do not go for less than 2000 pieces or shots in first batch. This production number is contrary to 200 or 500 pieces or shots  that certain people claimed is done.
    Obviously these people have no knowledge on making of molds and production there of.  If they claim they do they need to say where it is being  done. If it is a company is doing resin they can do short runs because the mold does not last as long. Molds for plastic figures  and vehicles require better molds  to take the plastic.

    My case it went a bit over the 2000 pieces and generally in order to continued your are requiring to produce more after by factory mold machine makers running it.

    I do design my armor tank by myself on a 3D program then revise and then make a sample, Once that is done I send the corrected piece to the  factory. After receiving back and approve after correction that some times may or not increase price of cost in original mold decide for launching.

    I never invest in my tank as a big profit maker.  I did because I have deire and want to try it. I could do because I manage two jobs outside. Like I do it most out of fun .Same in my eBay store .Both dedicated mostly to my daughter’s future than any else.

    Neither I’m a full time retailer/maker in this hobby as I am too busy with other commitments. Most time when I respond this forum I am out in the field not sitting at home. Regardless I’m very involved int he hobby  I had help some with right connection to produce and or import new recent products from abroad out of love and dedication. I did this for good will not monetary satisfaction.

    My thoughts and
    Best regards.

  8. Tom Black says:

    Well said Erwin! Regarding OWN figures, there was talk when these came out that they might produce Other sets of figures. Are there any plans in the future for OWN new production?

    • erwin says:

      Tom Unfortunately not for long as far I can see.
      The molds (OWN made),are many ,however after finding then and caring the old overstock plus have then run twice several thousand by a third part that was able do it for me ,It require a lot more to get others run sooner.
      Finding those willing to run toy figures molds in machine today for low amounts are very hard to do.
      Most willing run machines for few molds at a time said yes,but after few they back up and you have to go to others.
      The metal (white metal) line painted they did however is more tenting ,I did few sales test long ago pf the Japanese WW2 and armored cars plus few WW2 Germans .Any how if I run metal I have to get painters x them as well .
      But not much time x all in my case
      Will look forward of course…
      Thank you asking and words.

  9. Mark T. says:

    I have not bought one yet, but I am definitely getting one very soon. I would love to see you do a Russian T34/85.

    • Mark T. says:

      A T34/85 would not be limited to WW2 Russian use. You could also use it in Korean and Vietnam War battles with the new CTS, Mars and TSSD figures.

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