Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017 we look at several figures from American companies. First up are a couple Ideal figures. Next a Timmee Pioneer followed two cowboy figures who people mistake for Bergen.  Then we finish up with some foreign figures.

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017 Ideal

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017

The Ideal 60mm navy figure with semaphores is one figure that usually is missing one of his semaphores.  Ideal made ten different naval figures. this figure is from my childhood. I got him a toy house party. My mother let me attend in my place. The only thing I bought was a bag of Ideal naval figures. (they had no other figures.)

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017

Here we have two of the Ideal figures from the Alamo set. They came with a small playset that was sold in a bag.  The set had a plastic front two tin litho walls figures and accessories.  I really liked the small cannon they had with the set. The cannons were then used on the top of a long cheese box with a round object as the turret. Once put together  it became my monitor ship. I got Alamo set  along with Marine base when visiting my aunt and uncle in Hazelton Pa. The store was not far from where my uncle worked as a fireman.

The Alamo playset had three different Mexican and three different defenders.  My favorite was pioneer pointing who I used in other stories as a scout.  The figure were reissued in a hard brittle plastic.

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017 Plastic Toys

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017

The above two figures can be mistake for Beton figures. They are actually from a company called Plastic Toy. Plastic Toy got started according to Richard O’Brien’s “Collecting Toy Soldiers” because Beton was limited on the plastic production due to the war. They helped Plastic Toy get started.  There are five different western figures.  The nicest is the cowgirl with rope.

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017 Foreign Figures

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017

Finally we have two foreign figures to show you. The first is by Comansi.  It is Victoria from High Chapparrel.  This is later unpainted version.

Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017

The other foreign figure is this knight in green.  He is 70mm and besides the weird green for the figure look at the eyes. The eyes two white dots that make him look like an alien knight.  We will see if Erwin knows who made him. I hope I have not given him another mystery to solve.


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12 Responses to Plastic Showcase Part Four August 2017

  1. ERWIN SELL says:

    Start x last Knights are were sold at Pipero stores (bag has 6 poses!?approx) but not only to me but many spaniards are surprise as how they did it.(the 70/78 mm )
    The figures are actually a mix of 3 brands and YES does have legs from Spaceman figures poses from Jecsan/Comansi .
    Another bag distributed under “Broadway” appear from Mexico in 90s .While other down scaled from HK too.60 mm approx
    So the figures are very rare .Some how they may had intentional try do some fantasy figures.Maker use 3 sets least to create another sculpture is not first time but interesting mixing Space w medieval.I forgot knights where come from .
    As a matter of interest spaniard’s collectors ,mexican and me are trying determine who is Broadway distributor with base in Mexico ,but name from US .It did sold to south america,Spain and portugal,probably south of the border too.

    It may had been sold in others as well and i don’t know .I post entire set in FB about a years ago


  2. TDBarnecut says:

    The 60mm Ideal sailors and the 54mm Marx sailors appear to have been designed by the same sculptor. If they were in the same scale they would be excellent together. Hopefully someone will 3D scan them all and print them out as a complete set together. What are you waiting for?

  3. TDBarnecut says:

    And wanted to say in 54mm they would all go great with the Lindberg 1/32 PT109 model kit!

    • ERWIN SELL says:

      PT WW2 boats had been also made by other several in not quite kits .
      AL -brand that does all type of control remote replicas boats had done it as well a Vietnam river gunboat, a Vietnam era and post Torpedo Boat and Guard Coast boat in 1.32 scale .
      In Vintage” Imperial “did a long 24″ Blow mold PT 109 but not much detail.I manage get one few years ago ,add a rotating Ideal AA gun in back and other 50 cal gun in front plus change the torpedoes.Looks more nicer now .
      There are two HK made plastic with nice detail well done,one is short about 17” approx while other is larger like a 1/25 .They often pop on ebay but most time from UK.Because insane shipping as large case i had not able get one of it as they looks very nice in detail …
      The Italeri 1.35 crew x PT 109 Boat are very nice poses figures x the Limberg ,now reissued under Revell again model .
      TOY ZONE had done a replica but in 1.48 unfortunately .

  4. Wayne W says:

    I’ve wished more than once the IDEAL and Marx guys would match scales.

  5. ERWIN SELL says:

    While i’m personally glad most companies did all scales as otherwise European and thanks to that there more match for each like.
    I noticed IDEAL and TIM MEE in the big scale made more action better poses per set than Marx in proportion .But in some sets as these few poses in not quite ..Such Mexican that on top have wrong uniforms(I always used as 1812 war troops) only 3 poses and 1 in action and the “alamo defenders” more like generic ARW Pioneers pretty much same .
    The 6 poses ARW militia set are much better in poses but not British x then other than sold in Red as that.
    Yet thanks to all them as well Gi’s by Tim mee,Aurburn and Ideal in 70 mm and some Marx I can match most Central european and UK 65/75 mm sets poses vintage in scale .
    My thoughts

  6. OIF-Retread says:

    …or hit a few too many “off limits” establishments while on shore leave.

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