Peter Bergner’s Mother Has Passed Away

Peter Bergner’s Mother Has Passed Away we received this sad news. She had been ill only a few weeks before her death. Peter’s mother was 88.

Laurie and I met Peter’s parents several times on our travels to Germany.  His parents were kind enough to invite us several times to eat with them. We felt it was a honor to share a home cooked meal. Peter’s mother was excellent cook. 

I remember the first time I was over in Germany. I had gone over  to attend the toy fair in Nurmenberg.  Just I was  going go over I got a letter inviting me to visit Peter in his home Colgne. I went up to meet Peter and had a lovely time.  Just before I left to go back to the airport. Peter took me upstairs to have a meal with his parents. They were gracious to a stranger even though I did not speak much German. Peter’s parents did not speak english but they were surprise they could understand me.

The next year Laurie was with me in Germany and share the experience I had. We will always enjoy these experiences.

Once again our condolences to Peter and his family.

Update Peter’s mother ‘s name is Kaethe Bergner for those who want do condolences or prayers.

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9 Responses to Peter Bergner’s Mother Has Passed Away

  1. bill nevins says:


    Paul, please publish her name for those who believe and wish to offer prayers for her.

  2. erwin says:

    My sincere condolences to Peter Bergner and family.I did so at FB,MSA and LINKEN as well early .

  3. Mark T. says:

    The Bergners sound like wonderful people. My condolences to Peter and his family.

  4. Don Perkins says:

    I always enjoy hearing stories of citizens of one country showing hospitality to visitors from another country. I think it promotes cross-cultural understanding, international friendships, and ultimately world peace. It was nice that Peter and his parents opened their home to you when you traveled to Germany.

    For that reason I also enjoyed hearing how Nick and Deana of TSSD had Steve Weston and his wife stay at their San Diego home for a week when the Westons were visiting from England.

    In any event, please share our condolences with Peter Bergner for his loss.

  5. ed borris says:

    Sorry for his loss, my condolences.

  6. Andy says:

    Peter, Entschuldigung für deinen Verlust. Möge deine Mutter in Frieden ruhen

  7. Wayne W says:

    My condolences to Peter and prayers for him and his family in this time of loss.

  8. james nixon says:

    Very sad to hear about the death of Peter Bergner’s mother my brother and I have met Peter a few times at the plastic warrior shows here in the UK he has a very good sense of humour she sounded like a very lovely woman our condolences go to Peter and his family.

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