New Russian Figures Indian Women Red Army Cavalry

New Russian Figures  Indian Women  Red Army Cavalry  these are just coming more as get more information we will post it. We will find if new or old production

Indian Women

Red Army Cavalry

Red Army Cossacks

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23 Responses to New Russian Figures Indian Women Red Army Cavalry

  1. Don Perkins says:

    I predict the Indian women will be a big hit. If they were in bagged sets they would sell like hotcakes at OTSN. Ha Ha Ha!

  2. Erwin says:

    They are very tall by description.
    Looks very sculptured type.
    Yet intersting when I saw then last night.
    I can try use converted x Amazon warriors.

  3. Andy says:

    Reamsa made a nice set of Western Townsfolk that included six women in good poses. The size is pretty big though – 70mm or so. I’d love to see these copied in 54mm. Picture of set on Kent’s site – scroll down to Reamsa near bottom. Now that I think of them, I have to pull mine out & see if I can fit them in any of my displays.

    • Erwin says:

      Andy Reamsa woman and in general are not near 70mm
      They average 60mm .
      Gulliver copied or cloned then in smaller 54 mm.
      Jecsan and Comansi are the ones in Spaniards main brand that are in 70/75mm by most in their second to rest series mold sets.’

      • Andy says:

        I just pulled out my Reamsa Western Town people to measure:
        standing men are a shade over 70mm, standing women are 62mm to 65mm.

  4. Andy says:

    I also found, in my box, a great two figure vignette with a sprawled out Indian posed to stab a cowboy lying on his back. The Indian mounts on top of cowboy, holding his head with his other hand. Great 2 piece set. Each figure is 70mm. Again, I wish these figures were in 54mm vs. 62mm to 70mm.

  5. Andy says:

    I am referring to set of 8 Reamsa Town People pictured on Kent’s site; scroll down to near bottom to see peach colored set. 62mm to 70mm.

  6. Andy says:

    Please tell me where I can buy this set by Gulliver in true 54mm.
    May even be willing to trade this 8 piece 70mm Reamsa Town Folks
    set for true 54mm copies.

  7. erwin says:

    Andy as I say (average 60 mm ) meaning around=approx.
    The woman unless you are using bottom base to top of hat are 60 mm approx. ,if using the hat and bottom base are from 62-65 mm approx. ,men are about 67/68 mm .But is up to collector how measure then.
    Few woman of this set(that was release reissued in 90s not complete as missing 3 original woman poses by the way) next to AUSTIN and TSSD and Marx 60 mm (woman pose ) are match by high so far.
    About Gulliver that is impossible to none. Sorry.
    Gulliver contrary to most ,only produce for Brazil-Portugal and barely in last years made some exports sets ,mostly of ATLANTIC generic poses copied and are the most easy as last made by then.
    CASABLANCA -GULLIVER early 60s sets were all copies off partial Original REAMSA,PECH HERMANOS,JECSAN and COMANSI western sets in smaller scale.
    They change to Atlantic molds copies by 70s and stop the mold copies of Spaniards brands.
    They were made so limited versus other European brand that today are extremely hard find all in one set and if so are $$$.
    I don’t have then as I’m happy with original Spaniards brand in any scale and more easy original than else.
    So good luck in that enterprise .You best bet for Gulliver is
    by using translated Portuguese words to search for..
    sellers most time use PayPal or other ways .
    Shipping from Brazil and Portugal is not expensive.
    Best regards.

  8. Mark McNamara says:

    very nice !

  9. erwin says:

    Again this to any one looking x Gulliver and I had mention it many time.
    Gulliver ATLANTIC copies (most western) minus few revised WW2 sets were done in two scales .
    35 mm approx. and the call 54 mm that I expose here with few samples as some times depending in pose went above 57/58 mm .
    So my main point ;make sure ask buyer the size of figures being sold please before buy as you may end with the 35 mm version that western ,Indian and cavalry were made too.
    As far I know not Spaniard brand copied by Casablanca/Gulliver was done in small 35 mm .
    You use name CASABLANA also to look x then.

  10. erwin says:

    Those plastic Cossacks looks as extracted from some metal old mold type designed. Also they are older than Bolshevik- Soviet revolution in uniforms and weapon.
    Still interesting figures and once again Easter Europe are overproducing easy in limited numbers for the hobby. It is like one new maker every two months from there. WOW!!
    My thoughts..

  11. Mark T. says:

    The Indian women are attractively made, but if they had put out a set of plains Indian women in realistic poses and costumes and scaled to 54 – 60mm it would have been much better.

    These large 1/24 cheesecake poses are just novelties and for $70.00 including postage, even as a wild west figure fanatic, I have to say no thanks.

    The Cossack sets have a nostalgic charm, but they aren’t in a style or era that interests me.

  12. Erwin says:

    Interesting data about these sets being sold by this seller.
    If observe well….
    He/she is using It seller ID aperantly to name brand of the sets or alike derivated from.
    The sellers is active member since 2011 register here54mm in US!.
    But ship sales from Europe!?
    Wonder what is going on w this.?

  13. denitz says:

    Next saturday I will put close look on it. Author can’t clearly explain size and matherial by phone 🙂

  14. ed borris says:

    Those Indians girls don’t look like any of the historical pictures of Indian women that I have ever seen, nor do they look like any of the Indian girls I have ever known.

  15. Tom Black says:

    Washington Redskins Cheerleaders?

  16. Bill Nevins says:

    I have to wonder what market it is that they are aiming for?

    I’m totally puzzled by these figures.
    I just don’t see the demand for them.
    Even if you bought a novelty bag of them, would you buy five bags? Or even 2?

    I’ve no idea what the break even point is, but I know that they ain’t gonna make it.

    • denitz says:

      They made not by TOY SOLDIERS collector, but by DOLL MAKER.

      It may explain strange size, theme and realistion 🙂

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