Updates, News, Housekeeping Other Things

Updates, News, Housekeeping Other Things every month I find have update information and clarify things.  We have some more news on the No Name Vikings. Markus has sent a photo of some more buffalo poses. We want

Updates, News, Housekeeping Other Things No Name Vikings

Updates, News, Housekeeping Other ThingsWe have recieved reports that the No Name Vikings Set is not complete.  There are three more foot figures that being made. I have not heard yet what the poses are as soon as we have information I will post it.

Updates, News, Housekeeping Other Things More Buffalo Poses

Updates, News, Housekeeping Other Things

Markus Lecksheid has sent us a photo of more buffalo.  The Linde buffalo is one of on the right in white. Next to the Linde  buffalo is Domplast/ Manurba we have shown before. final buffalo is by Marolin. For size comparsion Markus put a Blue Box hunter (about 50mm), Airfix cowboy and an Elastolin longhorn steer.  Markus feels that the Marolin piece is the closest to 54mm. What do you think?

Updates, News, Housekeeping Other Things Housekeeping

I had someone complain on another site about my headings.  There is a reason for why I do them. One of the things I learned through my Word Press courses is about SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is a method of making the website more visible to search engines.  I use a SEO called Yoast and it advises me on what Google is looking for in rankings.   Some of those items are headings, making sure your keywords are in the first paragraph and etc.  I have been using it for awhile  and I like how it helped to improve my layout. One thing I have like Yoast catches if you start a sentence off with the same word in a row three times or more.  It is the little things. that count in making an enjoyable site.

I will have FAQ up in a week. This will have how to contact us and send material.  Finally some background on me why I use name Stad and  a little of my history.


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  1. TDBarnecut says:

    I like the Marolin bison, great color, good detailing. Did they only make this one pose? I like the Elastolin longhorn steer as well.

  2. j hudson says:

    Vikings- Russian I believe,,very nice but expensive,,,cant our buddy putin help us out with prices?

  3. Tom Black says:

    Actually, the “No Name” brand is a bargain. They usually sell on EBay for about 10 dollars a set.

    • erwin says:

      I agree Tom ..the prices set on the (No name…) are great and cheap ,even after shipping .In fact much better than many produced by western makers of plastic toy soldier line today…

      • Mark T. says:

        I think the price for the No Name figures themselves is great, especially next to Basevich and Pvblivs, but $10.00 shipping with $4.00 for each additional, even from Russia, seems expensive these days. It essentially doubles the price of the figures.

        There is another Russian dealer whom I buy Tehnolog sets from who offers $5.00 shipping with $1.00 for each additional item. Doesn’t matter if it is one small bag of Tehnolog figures or a larger boxed kit or what have you, it’s $5.00 shipping plus $1.00 per additional item. Unfortunately he does not carry DGN or No Name sets.

  4. Erwin says:

    Well any shipping from US to any country is not less 14.00 by first class economic …
    So x us paying 10.00 is actually less than then..
    The Tecnolog set are ship in bags or pack.As far any item fit inside it the price is considered letter.
    Technolog sets bags are less 2.00 US dollars. It give chance to reduce shipping as hook deal to sale then fast
    No name and others cost much more given less chance x any seller offer shipping deals.
    My comments is base in dealing and carry importing x years from Russia.

  5. Andy says:

    This set of 5 Vikings and a horse is for sale on eBay @ $13.90.
    How much does it actually cost the seller to obtain the set to
    sell on eBay? Simple, clear answer, please. 40%, 50% of the
    $13.90 price?

    • Erwin says:

      And some time is more than that.
      That is true…

      Base in my inquires and past business .NOT single Russian brand limited run produced set is sold to sellers x less 60% and that if buy good quantities per set.
      Technolog and many kit sets are mass produced items sold at stores such URAL TOYS warehouses in russia at fraction of prices.
      The prices are extremely low compare with Waranhasa.not name and other limited run figures made x our hobby.
      Two complete diferent market and business when come to w wholesale business investment and sales.
      My thoughts…

      • Erwin says:

        And also come the ebay and paypal fees that sellers has to cover and paid too. ..
        Plus packing expenses
        Is a lot that affect the way sellers could afford shipping prices on eBay .

  6. Andy says:

    (Up late watching NBA). Truly good quality, in sculpting and material, new figures are going to be more and not less expensive and postal rates will sure not decrease. Be prepared to pay more to get new figures. I’m also thinking the hoards of vintage figures sitting in boxes and bags will be decreasing in value as fewer people will be wanting them. Except for Johnny Ringo, Gunsmoke characters, Rifleman, etc., for examples, new figures will be costing more than the old ones soon IF people even want to be bothered producing them along with low profit margins and all the complaints and criticism.

  7. Bill Nevins says:

    Andy, It’s funny, but I have been hearing for about 10 years now how old plastic figures would one day be worthless.
    Sorry, but I just don’t see it.
    Look at prices at shows or for old plastic on Ebay.
    Still ridiculous but somebody must be paying Rick Eber prices.
    Even the thousands of common Fort Apaches on Ebay get sold!!
    So, somebody is buying this stuff.

    I don’t look at my toys as investments.
    Will they be worth anything when I am gone?

    Who cares? I’ll be dead.
    I never paid a lot of money for anything plastic.
    I collect because I love the toys, not the money.
    To be completely honest, I also love the thrill of the hunt, so to speak.
    I think most of us early birds in this hobby are/were at heart.

    Prices don’t have to be stupid. Especially among fellow collectors like us.
    I just did a deal with a fellow collector here and he was amazed that I sold so cheaply.
    I explained to him that I didn’t pay much for the items and I would rather see somebody enjoy the whole lot. I could have broken it up and probably made more money. But the guy will really enjoy what he got and that means something to me.
    I bet he has them set up right now.
    He even wrote to explain what figures he was going to use with them when he got them and I really appreciated that. It was a good feeling to see that excitement in
    his email. I know how I am when I get something that I really was looking for to finish a project.

    Besides, why give Ebay the fees when you can just save the customer the same amount as Ebay would take?

    Ebay has been a blessing and a curse.
    A blessing, because you have so much more access to items.
    A curse, because every flippin’ seller thinks that MPC indians are Marx Plastic Company and worth a small fortune.

    Next Sunday the flea market opens for the year. I am chomping at the bit.
    There’s treasure in those box trucks, panel vans and station wagons and I’m going to find it!!!!

    • admin says:

      Prices are dropping on many of the old figures. I have had to lower prices on many of the items I have been selling on Ebay. Items that would fly right out are sitting. I have to bundle to make items sell. There are some items holding their price, they are the exception for me. I did a flea market today and it was pitful in what was available.

      • Andy says:

        Connecticut flea markets have been “mined out” of toy soldiers for years. Occasionally see a broken, beat up old Marx cowboy for $25 or rusted tin cabin for $100. My primary resource is eBay and the “maybe Marx” figures…….

  8. Erwin says:

    The old vintage figures had decreased considerable in US.
    At shows prices had gone lower in vintage.At eBay too.
    The abundant and recycle had made it.
    I had been in several shows resently and year after yeas figures such MARX cavalry, arabs , FFL and many others are way down.
    Here several who had gone to shows had noticed it and wrote about.
    Ebay w except few nutcases had created a reductions of value because the many sellers w out knowledge and other cleaning collections too .Marx prices had gone very low versus 10 years ago.
    Few item are still up because the absurdity of some…
    Like the wagons and else….
    British brand vintage had gone low too versus last years.
    Shipping in US had increase 8 time in last 12 years and 5 in Russia postal services.
    My thoughts.
    Best regards.

  9. Greg Liska says:

    My unsolicited thoughts: I made the mistake of making a hobby an investment once before. I collected Militaria, mostly WWII, and after a certain time of buying and selling, I realized I had lost sight of the enjoyment and the focus on the significance of the item at hand. I was seeing money instead of enjoyment and appreciation. I vowed not to allow this to happen with toy soldiers. Keeping in mind that they are toys, I let myself enjoy them. There are a few rules, never cut up an undamaged original for example, but I collect the way I like, which is different than most. Some people CAN do the buying and selling and still enjoy the toy aspect, but I don’t think I could do that. I’m personally rather enjoying the fact that prices on a lot of vintage stuff has gone down.

  10. Bill Nevins says:

    I sometime leaf through old PFPC’s, just to see if I missed something. Once in a while I’ll find an article of interest, that I may have skipped when it was first released.

    In the October 1990 issue there are two flyers. One from Biff Smith and the the other from John and Blake. There are also full page ads by Jim McGeough and Kurt Fredricks.

    Looking at theses ads, the prices today are about the same for “good” pieces.
    More common figures have dropped in value.
    I notice that old plastic Blue and Gray figures have lost some value.
    Metallic blue and Cream Mexicans also took a hit.
    Boxed playsets were cheaper in 1990, than they are today:

    3683 Fort Apache……………75.00
    Galaxy Command MIB SEALED…………60.00
    4120 Army Training Center…….Dirty box but complete……..115.00
    Miniature Western Town……Box, 80 figures plus accs & animals,
    no buildings……..80.00

    One person’s prices were out of line with the other three, so I pretty much discounted
    his prices. But the rest are not far off the mark from today’s prices.

    • admin says:

      You are looking at 1990 values if you added in inflation. The training set today would be $214.00 and so forth, The Fort Apache set would be $140.00

  11. erwin says:

    In my opinion.
    Add prices do not reflect any sales ;just post of sale item. Most sales at shows and eBay for long are way down and show reality of actual prices.
    I can list anything for the price I want, it does not mean it sale or sale fast at all.
    Most shows are the bargain searching fun, same in eBay. The two main places where collectors spend more time buying.
    Few collectors today buy from any magazine add. Less collectors read and subscribe to magazine every year too.
    There less magazine and toys news papers every year as well.
    Subscription and advertise cost had become more costly too.
    Internet had become a faster and ample source of info with better pictures than magazines, same way internet had kill bookstores in the world.
    Two years ago MARX Arabs were from 35-50 each easy, now they are from 10 to 25 easy at shows and eBay. Just one sample of few of one of more costly non charter figures in Marx playset ….
    The vintage had depreciated a lot per figures. Play set may be around same but less collectors get then now as many use to build then by buying parts separated from deals sales better.
    I had see at NJ shows many years same playset full of dust from same seller with out sale…
    you could get lucky and sale then, it does not mean every year you will sale many at same price.
    Few sellers seat tide with same price till death ,may be one day they get lucky. Most will not as far deals pup in other places.
    Every year less collector from old generation have more money to buy old playset ,the fury in playset had become less .
    many old good collectors are passing too and it had decline the playset buying too .
    The reissues had become a playset feeler for many and else…
    My opinion…
    my thoughts..
    best regards

    • erwin says:

      I forget,decline had become too a norm in Italian,Spaniards/Portugal and South America blog eBay style alike sales sites where I buy often too.Vintage had depreciate a lot in those as well. The cost shipping had affect it as well forcing reduce prices ,specially in larger lots ,playset or others.
      In the other hand shows are less every year and less attended ,forcing more collectors to go back to internet sale dependency more and more…
      Interesting enough according to few blogs in Italy and Spain fairs(as shows are call often there) had increased.
      Atlantic collectors association sponsor two of then and help with others since mid 2000s.But most are my generation and younger…
      In Spain ,Barcelona is the main toy cream place with several toy soldiers museums in and near …

  12. Andy says:

    I was a charter Playset Magazine subscriber.
    I used to get Playset Magazine mainly for the “For Sale” dealer ads.
    More and more, I’d call on items of interest, the same day the
    magazine arrived, to hear “sorry – already sold..”
    This became the norm. Then it was pay more for quicker
    delivery and then when subscription prices increased, I
    did not renew. I found the dealer ads did not work for me
    for anything beyond common pieces. The “good stuff” was
    already gone when I called the first day. eBay has been my
    primary source for plastic figures and playsets.

    • admin says:

      Some of the readers get express subscriptions for the ads. Also how close to Playset magazine home base when you got the issue,. Ebay is fair as you get access as soon as you check.

  13. Andy says:

    (Up late watching end of NBA finals..) Last thought: also found that if I called
    certain “dealers” and left a voice mail or sent an e-mail about an item of interest, they would not bother to respond unless they had what I was looking for, I assume. Maybe their kids erased the voice mail or e-mails went into SPAM, but I will no longer bother with people who don’t have the courtesy to return an inquiry. If they are “too busy” to reply unless they can get my money, then they do not need me, and I SURE don’t need them.

  14. Gary Binder says:

    Looking forward to the contact info yu mentioned. I have wondered how to send photos of some of my conversions to this site.

  15. Darren Hatley says:

    In my experience Ebay is the Best place to look for most figures, A couple of guys I met at Toy Soldier fairs gave me there phone number and said they would look out for figures that I was after and see if they could help me get them, But when I tried to phone them they would never answer. I cant remember there names but people can be very unreliable. Also I used to go to many Boot Sales here in England but I hardly ever saw Toy Soldiers and when I did they were mostly cheap reissue figures that I wasn’t interested in. I get most of my figures on Ebay.

  16. ed borrid says:

    I don’t know if this an upcoming trend, but the last two shows I have done I have seen an increase in attendance and willingness to spend. I don’t know what to attribute this to exactly, but people are showing up and spending money. I hope the trend continues.

  17. Bill Nevins says:

    Erwin, I only check “completed” sales when looking at Ebay prices. As you mentioned, anybody can ask whatever they wish. It doesn’t mean someone will pay that price.

    Paul, Inflation is not an indicator for collectibles. Collectibles rise and fall on the amount of collectors that are willing to spend money to get what they want.
    Recasts have a huge effect on the market. Before Arabs recasts came along, the price for Marx Arabs never really changed. It stayed pretty high. Last year, I sold 6 Marx Arabs for 200 bucks!
    No way could I get that today.

    The common stuff that Marx made has dropped in price because of the amount of product that has been discovered in attics and basement. Most of it winds up on Ebay.
    Before Ebay it got thrown out or left in the attic.
    But now people are aware that there’s money in toy soldiers.
    More product equals cheaper prices. Simple supply and demand.

    Paul, you must remember how it was pre-Ebay. All of us had sources inside the metal toy soldier family. Plastic was scorned and practically given away for nothing.
    Once Ebay came along, all of that quickly dried up.

    Marx prices will stay high for hard to find items. Need proof?
    Call Rick Eber.

    • erwin says:

      Bill ,with respect I partially -not all ,disagree…
      and taking direct freedom to respond in general to above last comment from you Sir.
      Responding in not quite order. Sorry..

      Inflation affect all and every body .
      Collectors are affected directly and indirectly in any inflation as they sale and buy in many cases.
      Both sellers and buyers are affected at inflation value of any specific product at and time and circumstance.

      People’s income impacts their purchasing power. During times of inflation, people’s income generally rises, as does the cost of most goods and services. The price of toys-collectibles generally remains relatively stable over time, however, so the effect of inflation does not always directly impact the collectible market.
      Some market trends will persist regardless of inflation or other economic conditions. In the 1980-90s the value of many previously popular vintage figures declined because surge of many reissues, despite inflation, and never recovered value. Meanwhile the values of any (“hard to find item or most hard to find figures/else”)have soundly outpaced inflation, because the rarity and quality , remain extremely high. But it is only a minority among most .
      It can be difficult to guess which toy values will exceed inflation and become outstanding investments for some sellers. Toy buyers who purchase toys solely for the purpose of reselling them later are taking a significant risk, because predicting what the specif toy enthusiasts will desire in the future is a dubious endeavor. That’s why buying remains popular among investors: the cost has risen steadily over the long term, independent of toy soldiers collectors’ changing tastes and economic variables and the amount going to shows or buying .

      Ultimately, inflation is merely one of many factors that affect the fluctuations in toy-collectible prices. To maximize the value of toy-collectibles over time, toy collectors should keep these variables in mind, rather than blindly choosing based on potential value.
      About MARX Arabs. Sorry the price drop significantly way before (least two years ) any cloned copied(no recast) or reissued appear first .
      I been buying then for conversion in good amount,I bought-in good-GREAT and with some minor damage too condition. In none I paid any where near the price you sold those at all.
      Same goes for FFL that had always gone way cheaper than Arabs
      I bough from several ebayers,at show and direct from stads.
      Month before they were brought here(cloned Arabs) by me and CTS from Mexico first the prices were way down already at ebay,shows and sellers list price. Not end sale result.
      Yet the new cloned did nail more the price down too and affect the vintage sales more. Not doubt.
      I agree in it partially.

      That you or R Eber or other sale some vintage at top price notch do not reflect any the many and much more selling around and reality -actuality of prices per vintage figures and their depreciation in past 10 years or so.
      Ebay of course had affect all us in general(we agree ) every body noticed
      If need proof go shows (real toy soldiers shows ) and see what most at table hand are selling. Not what the try sale it x .
      At East Coasts NJ. Stengels Juniors have plenty vintage at any moment you approach he will sale to you many for real bargain as they barely sale there(I’m talking about the less reissued vintage Marx..not common around but not the very hard see figures of course)
      At shows .Most seller are seating;they know they have to sale in few hours . By mid day(noon) most seller will go down in many offers to buyers as they want sales. Others will stick to plan.=Great but it does not show the majority at all.
      One exception is Chicago as a three days shows and else.
      We are talking about general vintage figures ,not hard to find items that of course will stay there with the aura of (I’m spacial if want me pay my price)

      Marx prices will stay high x hard to find item. Of course any brand toy hard to find will.
      Still how many will sale at the HIGH price.!?
      Few because hard to find are for those willing and able to pay for only.

      I agree in other with you too…
      The main sellers selling cheap at eBay are either not collectors or house cleaners for others and they had lower the price creating a deal low value trend that affect the old price stigma for many.
      Yet you and most all here are not willing to pay those insane price you and others had sale/sold some vintage after able to get then x better deal!?
      So I guess at the end the reduction in prices in vintage is a PLUS x you as well me and most all.
      Few collectors are rich and willing spend thousand in few hundred figures per year I guess.
      My thoughts,.
      best regards and with respect always please.

  18. Bill Nevins says:

    Erwin, Probably the best thing about this site is the lack of antagonism among the members. Your view of things is just as valid as anyone’s and I respect it.

    I don’t see collectibles as any indicator of anything but the collectible. Beanie Babies, Baseball Cards, Comic books have all peaked and then busted due to artificial pump and dump schemes. So many ” Rare special editions” were dumped on the market that it got saturated with crap. A guy I worked with’s mother worked for Topps, the card company.
    Back in the ’80, he was bringing shopping bags full of boxed sets every day from co- workers who thought that they would one day get rich selling these sets.


    But the good stuff, like Mickey Mantel’s first card or the famous Honus Wagner card just keeps going up in value.
    Just like certain Marx sets have increased in value. Not the common Fort Apaches, but
    sets that just never sold and were dropped from the line after a year or two are now next to impossible to find.
    People that have money are not affected by inflation. And people that buy collectibles have disposable income. If they can buy Arabs for 35 bucks each, they are not worried about what’s for dinner or paying rent.

    Anyway, some things are up (try buying a cream indian) and the more common items have taken a hit. The wheat always costs more than the chaff.

    Interesting points, Erwin. I don’t disagree with all of them, but I have to go by my own experiences. I just sold some Atlantic Greeks for 165 bucks. The sticker price on the boxes was 3.50.
    How’s that for an inflation buster!!

    • erwin says:

      Bill ,I’m glad x you making that much out of that. But same time feel sorry x the one paying that price x Greeks box, definitely he/she did not look around x real prices .

  19. ed borris says:

    I think there are other factors not often mentioned that can cause a flux in the price of the items. Of course the economy is a big one and tendency for large corporations to take mid level office position overseas cause people to be out of work and those with collections are dispensing of them to make ends meet. Death is something that faces us all and especially in a hobby where the collectors are mostly older. A combination of these two reasons can cause a flood of available items that perhaps were rather scarce or horded before. Since costs are often the results of supply and demand this can make items temporarily or permantely go down in price. Eventually things will stablize and the price may go up again in the future. Just my thoughts.

  20. Denver Forester says:

    I began my accumulation in the mid 90s.
    My first wants were for a 60mm Fort Apache, Battleground and ACW playsets.
    Frequently, pictures of collections containing multiple set of each were posted.
    That hoarding kept the supply low and prices high.
    I have only one complete Marx playset but some loose figures.
    Soon, I will touch 70th base and have no need to look for any of them.

  21. Bill Nevins says:

    Hey Ed, how are different color 60 mm Cavalry prices holding? And revised Pioneers?

  22. ed borris says:

    The tan and the powder blue have gone up slightly , the metallic blue have gone down a little, used to get $125.00 for a set of metallic blue now around $110.00 to $115.00, revised pioneers down a bit by maybe a third, used to get $30 to$ 35 now $20 to $25. The pioneers have been hard to come by lately. I don’t buy up the pioneers anymore, I dealt most of mine away. I don’t buy metallic blue cavalry anymore as I have about 150 or so down from like 500, but I still pursue the powder blue and tan. I sold a ton to Stengel Sr. a few years ago both cavalry and pioneers, he moved most of what I sold him and I sold a bunch of pioneers to another dealer he too moved most of his out too. Barzso stuff has gone up in price not quite to what it was about 5 years ago, but it’s climbing again.

  23. Wayne W says:

    Back when my first wife and I raised AKC Chows we would get all the different colors in a litter. We always advertised them, “all colors – black, red, cinnamon, cream, blue…”

    Man, those blue chows would draw the folks. Gorgeous dogs and pups. They are (still, I think, been out of it awhile) the rarest of colors among chows. Folks would “ooh…” and “aah…” over the pups and then came the question, “How much for the blue one?” (we always had at least one).

    “Four hundred dollars…” (remember, this was 1983)

    “Oh, how much for one of the reds (or blacks)?”

    “Two hundred and fifty…”


    It pretty much went that way. I was happy – I really didn’t want to sell my blue chow pup. But there was always someone who would reach in their pocket and pull four Benjamins out and take the puppy home. I would cry all the way to the bank.

    I tried raising the price – I kind of wanted a blue for breeding. The next litter it was five hundred. The last litter we had before my divorce (and dog custody conflicts screwed up registration – long story) it was six hundred and fifty dollars! Always cash.

    Again, I cried all the way to the bank.

    I learned something in all that – when it comes to certain non-essential items such as collectibles and even pets – price is no object if one has the discretionary income. One just has to find someone who really wants that item and has the cash to buy it.

    Not saying anything that has been said here is not valid – it’s just we’re dealing with a hobby; I think the economy and discretionary income of collector has more to do with demand than anything. Face it, I’m not going to spend rent money on toy soldiers – no matter how much I want an item. I’ve passed on a lot of stuff when I was raising my kids.

    I think the proof is in the metal side of the hobby. There are guys who spend as much on one piece or set of a few figures (I won’t talk about vehicles) as I might spend in almost a year. But if they enjoy it…

  24. Erwin says:

    Wayne. VERY interting thought s and words.some funny too.
    As always from you…
    Best. ..

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