Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017  I thought I would share some of the items I have put up in Ebay.  These are items I have acqured for resale. In the coming weeks we will showcase other items from my collection and others. 

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017  Some Items

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

The above item is a Pyro Army Field Canteen. It is five inches long.  Pyro did several different military vehicles.  I don’t think anyone else  has done a canteen.

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

I picked up this set for resale because it has four Marx GI figures copies.  The poses are Army with flame thrower, Army running with pistol and ammo box, army shot and army to carrying man.  The set is called Action Patrol. It has a nice raft

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

Royal Guard Set this odd little set. It has six British Grenadiers of the same pose. They are 1/2 inches high.

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

Speaking of British Grenadiers we have Britains Eyes Right Grenadier  Band member playing the clarinet.  Britains when they did lead did a lot of  band figures.  When they went into plastic Britains did several different bands. The most popular would be grendier band. They also did a U.S. marine band.  These band figures were done between 1960 to 1972.

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

This is one of the Marx 54mm soft plastic Race Track crew Figures. They were only sold with a slot car set.  The set had six different poses. The only color they did them in was cream.  They were also done in hard plastic painted.

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

They also popped up in reissue. The figures were done in yellow and red. The set is missing the man with stop watch.  I believe I got these from Mike Ellis. He said he got them from Africa.

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017 One Last Item

Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

There are certain items I will jump on if the price is right. I know they will sell very quickly. One of those items is the Processed Plastic 2 1/2 ton truck.  For some reason the mold for this vehicle has disapeared. The truck was done in other countries including Comansi of Spain. This one I got with out a top at an auction.  I happen have a top from junk lot and merged together.  The only time I had problems selling 2 1/2 truck was one in bright colors. It was done when military items were not in favor.

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23 Responses to Ebay Spotlight Interesting Items March 2017

  1. Christian Aldo says:

    I use my 1:32 race crew figures, as 1:32 US GROUND CREW figures!

  2. Kirk Larson says:

    I had the carded raft set. I remember it came withe the standing firing and knife poses I no know were copied from Marx BG. That was sometime 1981-1983. I recall playing with them on a long holiday AmTrack train ride.

    • Daniel Murphy says:

      These sets of Marx clones with rafts and clones of the Marx Battleground US tank popped up in places like Big Lots in the 1990’s.

      • Bobby G. Moore says:

        I remember when I first started recollecting in 1990 finding these on toy racks in grocery stores and buying some. They also had cards and bags with a copy of the Marx 41 tank with figures. The different G.I. figures I remember coming with these are: crawing with thompson (mismolded looking more like a carbine), swinging rifle like bat, standing firing, fighting with knife, runing with pistol and ammo box, Marine with thompson and grenade, figure to carry wounded man, shot man, Marine with flamethrower. Someone also copied the strecher set with wounded man and bearers for a MASH T.V. show carded set.

  3. Erwin says:

    Intersting in Pyro.I had seen none of this around.
    Ideal made a canteen army van too.
    Lledo too made one alike.
    The marx copies are great.Never see it before. ….

  4. TDBarnecut says:

    Pyro made a series of 1/32 car model kits. The Pyro 1920’s and 1930’s cars go great with the Marx Untouchables figures.

  5. Erwin says:

    Since the new release of Viet Nam era sets figures by MARS and TSSD the TM Truck had become popular and selling more.
    The cloned copied made in MEXICO I carry and sold had sale fast from me too.
    In a SA blog I red not long ago the mold end in VENEZUELA.
    The Comansi aperantly was a legal license mold made deal .Poly toys RES Italy had another too.

  6. Billy Hill says:

    On the TimMee troop truck, the common wisdom is that the mold for the truck ended up somewhere in South America. This would SEEM to have been born out by the occasional appearance of brightly colored versions of the truck on eBay, listed by South American sellers.
    Sloppy copies of the truck have been made in Mexico and at one point were plentiful on eBay, in both OD and tan plastic, with Red Cross and other stickers on them.





    • Erwin says:

      Yes.That is the one I refferd to.
      Is a van to me , not a truck.
      So far as truck Pyro is only I see as admin point out.
      The Ideal is based in actual real Korean war era model.

    • Erwin says:

      Yes the mexican copies are the one I carry and sold our here till not long ago.
      The y are very cheap still in mexico.
      There two verssion w different tires.
      I carry only the green.
      Best. …

  7. Marx also made the race track figures in 1/72 scale.

  8. Larry T. says:

    I got the reissued Race Track figures in red from (wait for it)…. Stad! years ago, thanks a lot. I don’t mind getting reissues of some hard to find guys. I too noticed the absence of the stop watch guy and two different poses with the flag.

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