Marx Remade 60mm Cavalry Are Now Available

Marx Remade 60mm Cavalry Are Now Available from CTS. As we noted last year CTs had remade the Marx 60mm cavalry. Sadly  the figures were not up to CTS. We had not heard anything until when Ed Borris spotted on their website that they were selling the figures.  the figures are being sold in several different groupings.   You can buy them foot only which 8 figures in five different poses for $7.95.  The mounted are offered two ways with or without horses.  Each mounted set has four figures in four different poses. The mounted set with horses is $12.95. The mounted set without horses is $5.95.  The figures are available in light blue or medium blue.

Marx Remade 60mm Cavalry Are Now Available  Details

Marx Remade 60mm Cavalry Are Now Available An example of the medium blue mounted figure. The  horse will be different if you purchase the set with horses.

Sadly CTS was not able to correct the problem with Mexico. Still they wanted to share these figure with you.  As you can see below they give a very good description the figures.

We have copied their explanation for you to decide.


Marx, MXR196A Marx 7th Cavalry figures knocked off from the old 60mm cavalry figures that came in the old Fort Apache sets.. 8 foot figures in all 5 original poses, in light blue. The figures are slightly small than the original 60mm figures, a standing original figure is about 2 1/2″ these are 2 1/4″ therefore will work quite nicely with the current 54mm figures produced to day. Unfortunately these knock-off remade figures lack a lot of detail and can be slightly bent. WE ARE SELLING THESE AT CLOSE TO OUR COST BECAUSE ALTHOUGH THE QUALITY IS NOT UP TO OUR STANDARDS THEY ARE VERY USEFULL AND NICE POSES TO ADD TO YOUR EXSITING 54/60MM CAVALRY SETS AND MANY COLLECTORS HAVE TOLD US THEY WANT THEM.ESPECIALLY NICE IF PAINTED.

Whether they will do anymore work with Mexico we will have to see.

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7 Responses to Marx Remade 60mm Cavalry Are Now Available

  1. Jim Mc Gough says:

    Hi Paul
    As you already announced we have put the remade 7th cavalry up for sale. Unfortunately after a few more attempts by our friend in Mexico to correct the shortcomings we were not successful. But we feel the figures are still usable and a nice addition to other sets currently in the market, so at what we believe is a fair price for the quality we have released them.
    We are pursuing alternate processes in Mexico to possibly continue with other remade sets, I’ll keep you posted.
    Jim Mc Gough + Dave Payne

  2. Erwin says:

    I think is s good deal and could be use by many collectors and convertors.CTS has other special deals in AIP and else and should be not ignore if want then I guess.
    My thoughts

  3. Jon Burk says:

    At $1 to $1.50 per figure, these seem to be a pretty good deal.
    Not my era, but I hope you guys enjoy them. There is the bonus that they are smaller and would add new poses to someone’s Fort Apache 54mm sets!

    Nice to have new figures out, but too bad they weren’t better quality.

  4. Wayne W says:

    Great news for those of us who’ve missed out on them in the past.

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