CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico  as reported in our comment section by Andy. We were told by Jim McGough that he had a surprise in their remade series. The surprise is the Marx 60mm Cavalry figures. These figures first appeared in Marx Rin tin Tin playset. They were also used in the Marx Warriors of the World Series.

What we know at the moment is the CTs in their Christmas Catalogue is advertising the figures.  The set has 10 figures no break down on poses. The set will have two new mounted poses.  You will be able to buy the figures in medium blue or light blue.  The set will cost $32.95 plus postage. It will also included four cavlary horses.

As we get more details we will posted it here.

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico Update

We have heard from Jim McGough on the new  cavalry figures.

They are remade’ s like the Arabs and FFL which makes them about 3% smaller than the originals. We ran the original 8 RIN TIN TIN cavalrymen plus added the 60 mm Civil War mounted figure with guidon wearing a kepi hat and a new conversion mounted figure firing his rifle to the side.They are available in light blue and medium blue.
Jim at CTS

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico Update 11/17/16

Jim McGough  and David Payne of CTS have sent us photos of the  Marx 60mm Remade Cavalry figures.  They are not yet for sale due to poor quality casting. Jim and David thought the collectors might want to see them. As you can see they do fit on the original Marx 60mm cavalry horses. When they come available  they would be with the Marx 54mm cavalry horse.
CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from MexicoWe start off with the new pose for the set the mounted 60mm firing a rifle.

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico

The other new pose is  from the Marx Civil War Union. It is the Mounted Union with guidon not Confederate as reported elsewhere.

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico

Here we have the two kneeling poses. Also you can get a comparision of the two different shades of blue that the figures will be in.

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico

The cavalry with sword and pistol and Cavalry with pistol and bugle.

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico

In this photo we see the  cavalry advancing with sword and Cavalry standing firing.

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico

One the mounted poses you will have  Cavalry with sword

CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico

Lastly the mounted cavalry firing pistol. We hope that CTS can correct this problem s they will be able to share these figures with us.  Once again please note when these figures come available the horse will be different.

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104 Responses to CTS Remade Marx Cavalry Figures from Mexico

  1. Andy says:

    The CTS Christmas Catalogue picture shows the kneeling figure firing pistol, kneeling firing rifle, standing firing rifle, standing with bugle and pistol, standing with sword and pistol, standing, no hat, fighting with sword, mounted with sword overhead, and mounted firing pistol representing the eight traditional 60mm poses. It mentions two new not pictured mounted poses to be seen eventually online.

  2. Jim Mc Gough says:

    Hi Paul
    I will send photos as soon as they arrive. They should be here in a day or two.They are remade’ s like the Arabs and FFL which makes them about 3% smaller than the originals.We ran the original 8 RIN TIN TIN cavalrymen plus added the 60 mm Civil War mounted figure with guidon wearing a kepi hat and a new conversion mounted figure firing his rifle to the side.They are available in light blue and medium blue.
    Jim at CTS

  3. Greg Liska says:

    I’m psyched for this! I’ll get a set of each color…only to paint one set metallic blue and the other grey, like usual. Will the horses be the standard Marx 54mm cavalry horses? Is that going to be fat enough for them to sit up on? If not them, then what horses will they get?

  4. a says:

    And the CTS remakes of the galloping Marx cavalry horse were in fact made slightly wider in the saddle area for a more snug, secure fit.

  5. Don Perkins says:

    And the CTS remakes of the galloping Marx cavalry were in fact made slightly wider in the saddle area for a more snug, secure fit.

    • Erwin says:

      Back in 90s I bough at a show several reissues of the horses.
      To my surprise they were oposite to original and figures did not quite adjust tide well.I still have them.
      Are these others done ?

      • Len Hardt says:

        The “Marx” horses, retooled by CTS, are wider than the ones reissued back in the 90’s. Something must have happened to the mold, because the figures sit crooked and fall off. CTS fixed this problem – however, I found that the new downsized Arabs didn’t fit too well on the improved CTS horses (too tight). I think they actually fit better on the 90’s reissued. We’ll have to wait and see with these new downsized cavalry figures.

        • Erwin says:

          Thanks Len.
          So the 90s reissues are the one w problems.
          I appreciate your response.
          I had never got the CTS ones.
          I got few firs reissues and yes they go well with new recast arabs, least versus original horses I got as again I do not have any CTS horses.

  6. Don Perkins says:

    Erwin, I agree with Len Hardt. The 90s reissues were actually thinner across the saddle than the originals. The CTS remakes are slightly thicker across the saddle than the originals. CTS designed them that way deliberately for a better fit.

    • Erwin says:

      Thank Don x clarification.
      I was confused and though early recast and CTS remade were same.
      I was disappointed when got them in 90s
      So now I need those CTS.
      Another thing to look x .

  7. Wayne W says:

    Thanks Don, that’s new to me, too – I guess I need to get some CTS reissue horses.

    This brings up another question in my mind. I bought a bunch of re-issue Marx wagons back in the 90s which were the same size as the old Marx wagons we knew and loved. Are the newer CTS versions larger? If so, how much so? Thinking about buying a few if they are – otherwise…

    • Andy says:

      Wayne, I have Marx recast and CTS remade wagons in front of me – the CTS is approx. 3/8″ longer and 1/4″ wider than the Marx version. CTS also has a working tail gate & stronger hitch. Accessories are molded cleaner than from Marx molds. CTS looks like a sturdier product than the Marx recast. CTS wagon horses are two styles, Marx are one style.

  8. Greg Liska says:

    The re-designed wagons done by CTS are about an inch wider. I have both types of horses (the recasts and the re-made) and the CTS remakes are a bit wider than the originals, even. It might be by as little as one millimeter, but it helps figures sit on them better. The 90’s recasts, thin as they are, have their uses. Some figures fit better on them. If these cavalry remakes are only 3% smaller they will still be over 58mm in size (and I really think the originals are a touch bigger than 60mm scale), I will still want 60mm horses for them. Does anybody have 60mm scale horses for sale?

  9. Wayne W says:

    Thanks Andy and Greg; glad to hear it from folks I trust before I indulge.

    • Andy says:

      OK, Wayne. Glad to help. The CTS wagons are definitely a high quality. You know they have covered wagons, medical wagons, and cavalry square top wagons. Each comes with two different tops. There are color choices on the tops and they paint up nicely. The opening tailgate is a nice improvement. Plus, they are a fraction of the cost of vintage original Marx.

      • Andy says:

        Forgot – wagon bodies come in gray and brown. Mixed matched colors look good in contrast to each other. Have brown wheels and seats on gray wagons & vice versa.

  10. bill nevins says:

    Murphy’s first run of re-issue wagons are very, very close to original Marx wagons in both color (only gray) and plastic. There was a great hue and cry from the owners of very expensive original Marx wagons, that these would kill the “collector” value.
    PFPC was in the forefront of that argument.
    Anyway, Bill ended up changing the plastic and the color, making it easier to tell re-issue from originals.
    I got a bag full of the first run wagons from Bill, at Schutzen Park. I got 10 in return for an Alamo terrain piece that I had made for him. I ended up painting them various colors for a Wagon Train set up.
    I know he was selling them there that day and that several other collectors got large amounts of them, because he was blowing them out to his friends and long time customers. I don’t think he wanted any backlash from PFPC and decided to unload what he had and go from there. That was my impression, anyway.

    I’m sure that there are plenty of these out there. I seem to recall him telling me he only had 100 sets run until he changed colors. I do not recall if he had the wagon tops with him at the time. Maybe Paul remembers. It was perhaps the second to last Schutzen Park show before it moved to Hackensack.

  11. Don Perkins says:

    The 1990 REISSUE of the Marx galloping cavalry horse came in a variety of shiny colors — black, brown, tan, and gray. When you hold them right next to an original, and look DOWN from directly above the saddles, you will see that the reissues are quite a bit thinner in saddle width.

    On the other hand, the CTS REMAKE of the Marx galloping cavalry horse comes only in brown — a flat, non-shiney, medium brown. And when you hold it side by side with an original, it is just slightly wider across the saddle than the original, making it a better fit for both the mounted Captain Gallant FFL rider, and the 60mm 7th Cavalry riders, as well as the mounted Blue & Gray riding poses.

    There is one other area, however, where the CTS REMAKEs are superior to the original —- the four horse legs are made of a slightly stronger (but still soft) plastic, which makes the horse’s legs less wobbly than the originals. Plus, the CTS legs are slightly more even and balanced than the originals. All in all, this makes the CTS REMAKE horses stand better, and more stable than the originals. They are not as prone to fall over when a leg gets bent a little bit.

    CTS really did take the original Marx galloping cavalry horse — make it look the same but improve it —- and give us a superior product.


    Even though these CTS horses are REMAKES, CTS lists them under “Marx” on their website. They are$2.50 per horse, or a dollar cheaper ($13.95) when you buy the set of 6.

    • Erwin says:

      Don ,thank you x honest accurate observations.
      Now I got a better idea.
      And been honest is very correct ,to give each the good credit they deserve is best we can do.
      If CTS were done better then they did great job as well with others.
      The marx horse pose of leg position is a bit odd and if plastic bend as you said w rider on,they often fall.
      I as children have that issue.
      So now I’m definetelly looking x then.
      The few left original I had will keep as memories.
      Intersting note is the flat color used .

  12. Don Perkins says:

    At most shows, original Marx galloping cavalry horses usually are priced by sellers at $2.00 or $3.00 each, although you will find some for $1.00 and I have seen some sellers asking $4.00 each.

    Therefore, the CTS price for their remake at $2.50 seems somewhat expensive, although I should point out that CTS sells the originals in their “Vintage Plastic” section for $5.00 each. Looked at that way, the CTS price for remakes at 50% of their price for an original seems reasonable.

    Nevertheless, as I pointed out above, the CTS Remake galloping cavalry horse is actually superior in several respects to the Marx original, not least of which is that riders fit better in the saddle, and the Remake horses stand up better and have increased stability. The CTS Remakes actually use a better quality plastic, and CTS has managed to retain the flat brown color, unlike the shininess of most reissues.

    For this reason, although I have about 50 of the originals, I also have about 25 of the CTS remakes. They are steadier on my battleboard, and don’t topple over nearly so easily.

    So in other words, if anybody here places an order for the new CTS 60mm 7th Cavalry
    remakes, I would recommend ordering the set which comes with the two CTS remake horses. Try them out and I think you will like them as much as I do.

  13. erwin says:

    Don ,another good thought as well suggestion.
    You got a heck of vintage. I barely have 12 of them from about 20 original I had from my Dad.

  14. ed Borris says:

    This probably doesn’t bode well for my 150 + original 60mm cavalry. Although if you are trying to fill out a playset you will not originals not remade I would think. Of course, what do I know I’m just a crabby old fart?

    • Erwin says:

      Ed.I agree f I have the Marx playset I will feel w original out of respect in my opinion.
      I have most my marx original separated from new reissues.
      Now how do you fit 150 inside the original playset?
      I was kidding…:-) 🙂

  15. Don Perkins says:

    I think the main problem with the 60mm Marx galloping cavalry horse (other than that it was used across many playsets, and therefore many of the different riders don’t sit in their saddles securely) is that the horse had such long, thin legs, and the plastic which Marx used was a little too soft; therefore the legs become a little too wobbly, and bend or lean slantwise too easily.

    But it only happens to some of them; many of my originals stand up just fine.

    But it’s undeniable the CTS remakes solved both problems. And just as the CTS remake Marx covered wagons improved upon a few weaknesses of the originals, and some of their other remakes did as well (the Marx Confederate standing shooting pose comes to mind), so CTS improved on the Marx galloping cavalry horse.

    But don’t worry about your originals, Ed. In my Marx playsets that use galloping cavalry horses, I only keep originals in the boxes.

    • Erwin says:

      Again I agree in original.The skinny leg and Marx plastic was not good x it.The generic use neither.
      Good points .
      Maybe if they had use bases would had work best.
      My thoughts…:-)

      • Don Perkins says:

        Yes, bases would have helped, even on the Marx 54mm molded western saddle cowboy horses.

        About the only Marx riding horses that I never had a problem with were the two Fort Apache Indian ponies (one standing and one running).

        • erwin says:

          Other horse I run always with issues are the Alamo,sorry I call then as Alamo as used there. The one running always fall to me ,as a child I use Play-Doh to get it stand with rider.
          I know were reissues in 90s.
          Now did CTS did it as well better!??

  16. Don Perkins says:

    And while I’m on the subject —- WHERE O WHERE are the new CTS 60mm Cavalry remakes? I keep checking the CTS website to see if they’ve arrived, but NOTHING.

    Since the manufacturers’ projections as to when their new products will be available are so often wrong (always late, never early), I’m about to adopt Erwin’s position: Don’t give me any projections, any announcements, any future hints. Just let me know when you actually have the new product available.

    Then I won’t have to endure this day by day waiting and checking of the website to see if something has FINALLY arrived — often days, weeks, or months after it was originally projected.

    • Erwin says:

      I will think is on mail hold may be?
      Any arriving on north east coast from other country is hold in costume USPS office after 9/11.
      I order so much from abroad include plenty from Mexico.
      Ussualy USPS let first cases pass fine,but after u get several from same destination is rutine x then to hold and check.
      The east north coast costume office is in NYC.
      and is huge ,they are always underpower and some time take weeks to check one case.I had several time call them to get it clear.
      Furtunatelly x us in this case as well x CTS the pack has plastic small figures and very light pack in clear bags from makers as I did w first orders .
      So should be done quick if they touch those pack fast and clear out so is take to local USPS office x delivery.
      Again is my though in minor delay only.
      And yes ,been told and wait is frustating .
      I do not like the way of announces but in other hand there those who love and is always part of NEWS.
      So personally I staid to my old position.
      “Tell me when is here and not hold me waiting”.
      Best….:-) 🙂

      • Len Hardt says:

        Yes, it’s my understanding that they have been sitting in customs. You can call David Payne at CTS and pre-order them.

        • erwin says:

          I imagine it, I had run to it many times.
          The more check items are the ones coming from South central America and some times China or other areas in China.
          however with SPAIN I had same issue often.
          All do I barely use regular mail with china .
          I once was in trip send a gift from there here and a month after I come back it was still in hold. Crazy random check system.

          • admin says:

            I had problems pulling the playsets from Mexico many years ago. I had to use an expeditor to get it loose.

          • erwin says:

            Amin .I imagine the issues, back in early 90s with out internet it was worst too I bet.
            Funny, now today you pick up a phone to resolve an issue and after 10 option machine you are lucky if get a human talking to you and most time not have clue unless you get in touch with a manager.
            Today expeditor are more money hungry than actually makers. Last time took me research x two weeks to get one with good price.

          • admin says:

            It was more expense to use the phone back then. I was Lucky.

  17. Bill Nevins says:

    Who ran the horses in the Toy Street sets? They came in pure white, brown and black with a few very light tan, which looked like a failed attempt at Marx cream.

    To my eye, they looked thinner that the originals, especially around the saddle area.

    George Cushman once gave me a shopping bag of 100 Westerm horses and 100 Cavalry horses that (I think) came from the “General”. They were pretty dirty, but not dump dirty. I have always loved the cream, tan and red/brown original Cavalry horses.

    • admin says:

      The Toy Street horses should have been from the Marx molds. Toy Street used the molds they had available from American Plastic. Shockley find did not get into the ground. His aunt got the figures before they were buried. She literally went into the ditch and pulled stuff out.

  18. ed borris says:

    I never cared for the spindly legged Marx cavalry horses. I was always fond of the galloping saddle horse, the other two poses I thought were weak though.

  19. Bill Nevins says:

    Paul, I got a lot of stuff from the General and it was always dirty. Cushman showed up
    one year at Hackensack with a large van full of the General’s stuff. He had just come from the General’s home in Ohio, I think. Might have been Indiana.
    Anyway, George and I were good friends and he loaded me up with horses, wagon hitches, cowboys, beautiful bright blue Union riders and charcoal gray CSA riders.
    A couple of shopping bags full.
    And it all had to be washed off. Not scrubbed, but washed and rinsed.

    Paul, did you ever meet Schockly or do any business with him?

    • admin says:

      Yes I met Ron several times and did business with him. He once brought 50 orange boxes full on Marx figures to an Atlantic City show. Jim and George bought them.

  20. Bill Nevins says:

    It was probably Schutzen Park, not Hackensack.
    Does anyone know what happened to George Cushman?

    Back then, George, Bill Murphy, Chuck Thornehill, Jim Mc and his friend (whose name I never knew, but he was Jim’s sidekick) were all part of what we called the “Massachusetts Mafia”. The shows were the only times we got together with them and it was always fun.

    Lots of great memories of those days.

  21. Jim Mc Gough says:

    Paul I’m hoping to have the cavalry by mid-week, I’ll let you know. Seems like customs is digging deeper than they used to. We recently waited three extra weeks for an order from Ukraine.And as I think I already wrote about our North Koreans at one point were hung up for months at the post office in China due to a paper glitch.
    For these reasons we have decided not to announce our projects in advance, as you know I would not tell you about the Marx cavalry even though you had already guessed that we were making them. The information got out ahead of delivery this time because we had to print our Christmas flyer and of course wanted them in it. Otherwise I would not have announced them until next week.
    The horse issue is something I am struggling with. I intended to make the Marx 60mm galloping and standing horses in the same way as we have been making the FFL etc in Mexico but the saddle issue is proving to be a problem.Also it appears that even though they would have the shrinkage like the figures they might still be too wide for the new figures. Trust me I am working on it.
    Bill,George Cushman is fine just out of the toy soldier collecting world. Those horses you got were a great find, I finally had all I could ever need and in great colors too. George and I had hundreds and they didn’t last long. Paul and Bill are right the Shockley “hoard” was never in the ground, it was “recycled” from the loading dock were the trash was stored before going to the dump.I bought a few truck loads from Ron over a two year period and as well as getting some great stuff I acquired a lot of production information from handling all the shots of figures ans accessories, many still on the runners.
    Finally on both our reissues of the Marx cavalry horse and wagon horse we made new molds to be able to fatten them a bit and in the case of the wagon horse we turned the head on one to make two different poses actually. Through the years we have run b0th of them in at least three colors, brown, tan and black. At this time we have the cavalry horse and wagon horses in black and brown
    JIm Mc Gough

    • admin says:

      Jim sorry to hear on your delays. I know it have been rough for people to import items. Thanks for the information on Ron Shockley. It was an interesting period of our hobby.

  22. Bill Nevins says:

    Thanks Jim, If you speak to George, give him my regards. He’s a really good guy.

  23. Wayne W says:

    I think it’s all the way around on customs; my son and his family are in the Philippines and we find that while it has always been a challenge getting things through intact (if at all) the various hands a package has to pass through, here lately it has gotten worse; not only pilferage, but the fees imposed for things that previously went through without notice or comment. And then there is the stuff that just disappears. And we’re just talking about CARE packages here – no contraband or large shipments of valuable items.

    When they were in China? Geez, forget about it. My son’s friends still over there say it’s gotten worse – they’ve had their cell phones confiscated and searched for “banned” apps and many landlords refuse to even rent to foreigners (particularly Americans) because of all the hassles they get from the secret police. I can imagine the obstacles to doing business our toy soldier manufacturers go through getting the job done because I know this stuff might seem unrelated but it all kind of flows over as far as the “climate” and atmosphere is concerned. My son, who is fluent in Mandarin, says when he is in country he hears the comments made by folks who aren’t aware he understands every word they say – and often hired translators won’t give a complete or totally accurate translation out of concern of giving offense to either party (a “face” thing). Again, I don’t know what each person’s personal experiences may be, but this is what I know from my son who was there over ten years and still has very close ties in country.

    • Erwin says:

      I partially agree .
      Still is difficult but way more easy than before.
      The main issue is back and for as most producing relaid in mail of samples and internet files to do it as too costly going back and for to check production and single set quality.
      Tony (Aip) is the one that did most trip there and language plus cultural barrier are the most dificults as by his own opinion that I to share when there too.
      As far politics if you do not bring any up you do not have any problems.
      Depending who you are and where you work in China you are looking different.
      Industrial (south )areas or provinces are very diverse and full of immigrants from others asian countries.
      Central east province are the most tide political wile northern people are the most nice and free speach.
      There many restriction,still more freedom than many other counties such NK,Viet Nam and Cuba.
      Where to make business w Americans or foreing is almost tabu or 100% observed by gob agencies.
      China is a super populated countrie still in development and very agressive capitalism type industrialization reform with mix socialist gob interpretation,so a big chaenger is expected for this reform that can not be done so easy.
      Yet half of what is know here is not even close to reality.
      I will not go further I guess as off contest in this hobby.
      But x those doing this any were else is a challanger.
      And I too agree we should respect as is that small drop that keep hobby running and I totaly agree in this part w you sir.
      Best regards….
      My thoughs and view base in my personal experience.

  24. Wayne W says:

    I said all that out of respect for Jim, Nick, and all the others who are putting their capital on line to produce the little guys no matter where – Mexico, China, or Timbuktu; the political and international issues may seem obscure to us here in the States, but it sure makes living and doing business difficult for those Americans who are over there dealing with attitudes ranging from mild resentment through outright hostility.

    My hats are off to you.

  25. Jim Mc Gough says:

    Well I guess the saying “whatever can go wrong will” is pertinent here. We finally received our new Marx remade cavalry figures,BUT they are not acceptable! Many are twisted and of very poor detail. The light blue are especially poorly caste. I am in contact with my manufacturer in Mexico about the problems.This large order is probably a complete loss. Looks like we will have to start over. I will keep you posted.
    Jim at CTS

    • admin says:

      Sorry of this horrible set back hopefully you can get this matter resolve.

    • Don Perkins says:

      I’m disappointed, but I’m sure not nearly as disappointed and frustrated as Jim McGough must be.

      I appreciate the efforts of CTS to bring us nice things like this, and I hope everything can be worked out to your satisfaction.

  26. Bill Nevins says:

    That sucks!!

  27. Greg Liska says:

    What a nightmare! The expense and effort put into this must be considerable. I hope this can still be worked out. On a personal note…..CRAP! I really wanted to get these guys! Jim, if you can get this redone, I’d just like to put in a vote for the figures to be cast in grey, too. Really sorry how this is going.

    • Len Hardt says:

      Thank you, Jim, for your willingness to hold to a standard of quality. As frustrating and disappointing as this is, it speaks volumes of your integrity.

  28. ed Borris says:

    Dang, I was looking forward to trying to convert some. I always wanted to take a crack at them, but wasn’t going to cut up vintage and the other re-casts were pretty hard plastic. Oh well, I guess I can wait, like I have a choice.

    If you have to keep the bad batch, I may be interested in buying some for parts.

  29. Andy says:

    This bad news is really a shame for Jim and CTS and a disappointment for collectors.
    Maybe manufacturing will revive in America soon.

  30. Don Perkins says:

    One can only hope. But many manufacturers have received exactly what they bargained for and ordered from China, Mexico, Europe, South America, even far-away Russia and the Ukraine. I include AIP, TSSD, CTS, Paragon, Hobby Bunker, Conte, and many others in that category.

    But when there’s a problem — like now with this CTS order from Mexico — it strikes me as incredibly more difficult to resolve, especially in the amount of time it can take.

    Years ago, on Ebay, I conducted a couple of perfectly reasonable toy soldier transactions that originated and shipped from Hong Kong. There were no problems at all, and I found myself dealing with very honest, helpful people — all of whom appeared to be Chinese.

    But the potential for a mess-up in far-away countries is always there, and thoughts of how difficult to resolve things can be when you’re dealing with overseas is the reason I’ve been reluctant to engage in personal transactions with Russia and the Ukraine, even though others report having done so without any problems whatsoever.

    I have a friend in Canada who received several toy soldier shipments from continental Europe over a several-year period without incident. On his last shipment, for some reason Canadian Customs, for the first time, slapped some sort of customs fee/customs duty on the order (which was Mertens & Elastolin plastic), which ended up making a reasonably priced order very expensive.

  31. Andy says:

    I deal fairly regularly with Ukraine, Russia, and England without problem (yet?). Postage no much more than domestic & fairly quick delivery. I can expect orders from Steve Weston in the UK in around ten days. Just ordered a mounted model soldier kit from Ukraine for $7.26 & $7.99 shipping. Same thing from NYC to CT would cost me around $20 + $9 shipping. I see remade Timmee items on eBay frequently that they advertise as “Made in USA”. Wonder by who & how?

    • Erwin says:

      The Tim Mee Frontieresmen and Modern Gis plus some armor and cowboys are beings run here in US from original molds after last purchase of molds.
      I saw then in NYC fair are well.
      They are trully manufacturer or reissue in US .
      The previous owners of the molds did same in 90s.
      Never send abroad those molds to run.
      Others Timmee molds went abroad but have not been runned in many years.

  32. Erwin says:

    The problems w mexico is drugs.
    Very simple.
    I was in a small train x a USPS work that eventually never took.
    In it they inform us that shipping from Mexico often is used by small dealers here the bring drugs from Mexico.
    Usually the first two shipments from same address in Mexico to same in US is not searched,after that they red flag your address and start sending packs to customs.
    Is a complete normal processes as drugs are easy to hide inside toys,ceramics. Wraps in a way dogs and scan can not detect easy.
    International despatch regular USPS center do not have time nor enough personal to check all.
    The bar code scanner machine is one detecting it and stop case in the rolls so employees pull pack and separate to be send to customs.
    Still small dealers had learn it and often change address constant.
    You may ask any USPS friend about it he will tell you about it as well.
    UPS,FEDEX had same problems but in less volume.
    In regards other countries,it is random and will happen if you recive packs constant from as a security matter pretty much.
    I had with others but in much less.
    Hong Kong after transition kept it is own mail international that is more cheap than Chinese.
    It is very fast too,I have used some times .
    Chinese direct mail has it is own US observed and mannaged customs service in US.
    It does not pass by USPS customs.
    If product come from Mediterranean or Spanish islands generaly is check in customs as airplane carry usually does stops in other countries first that required checking all brought as not been properly inspected.

  33. Don Perkins says:

    Thanks for the photos. I like the idea of 4 mounted poses, along with 6 poses on foot.

    And I especially like that conversion pose where the kneeling firing figure is made into a mounted firing figure.

    The photos make the new figures look alright, but I guess those may have been the best of the lot, rather than representative of the whole lot.

    Anyway, I like them, and hope the issues can all be fixed.

  34. Don Perkins says:

    When I hit the “enlarge” button on the photos, I can more readily see there isn’t much detail showing.

    • Len Hardt says:

      It’s more than just fine detail – the proportions seem out of wack. Look at the difference between the bugle guy’s gun and the sword guy’s gun. Look at the size of the bugle. The standing firing guy and the sword/no hat guy are so different in size that they look as if they came from different sets. I’m not an expert at originals here, but I don’t recall such varied proportions.

  35. Daniel Murphy says:

    I think the hatless sword guy was always on the big side compared to some of the other figures. So people can see what they think, here is a link to Kent Sprecher’s Toy Soldier HQ:

  36. erwin says:

    That is a very bad plastic mix more than mold issue. They need use other type plastic, still the halves are not well seal or pressure not correct graduated.
    My thoughts

  37. I am sad to think that copies of the 60mm Rin Tin Tin Cavalry are being made.

  38. TDBarnecut says:

    Not even close in quality to the original Marx figures. The words “cheap imitation” come to mind.

  39. ed borris says:

    I always thought the bugler was overly large too.

  40. Wayne W says:

    I don’t have any originals of the 60mm so can’t claim to be an expert on the subject of the originals, but I didn’t think at first glance the copies were any more out of scale either on weapons (pistol differences) or poses than the originals. Looking at Kent’s originals I see I was right. If you’re going to be faithful to the originals you go with what you got (we’ve seen heaven help you if you tamper with the sacred – though I applaud CTS for improving some of the Marx ACW poses and accessories).

    I wonder if the detail problem is a combination of plastic, the color might not show detail as well; not to mention that copying from either an original figure or pantographing (or is it pantagraphic?) might diminish detail – maybe all three?

    I am looking forward to getting these guys. No, they won’t be as detailed as the originals and I don’t think they’ll replace those in some folks’ minds nor should they. For me, who wants to paint and maybe even do some conversions, I’ll be more likely to do that with these than with originals. I’ve said before I’ve decided to separate and semi-“retire” my original guys in as safe an environment as I can to preserve them. “Re-casts” or “Re-issues” give me freedom to do that.

    Now I just wish you guys – or someone – would pantagraph (and improve, as you did with the ACW) the Marx Germans. I KNOW there seem to be a gazillion of those guys out there, judging from ebay, but I still don’t feel quite right (yet) about putting a brush – much less a knife – to the old boys…

    Thanks for the efforts thusfar.

  41. erwin says:

    The MARX Germans were cloned in pretty much descent poses (10 as far I got) in HK.
    Not easy to find but seen around in years. Seen under Imperial brand but not stamp as Imperial only HK(The one I got)
    The GIs were cloned in 12 poses sets as far I know too.
    I had seen a later 80’s cloned of then too but in less poses sold in bags on eBay often, mark HK only.
    In 1966 HASBRO release a set of Marx GI’s and Auburn poses in true 54 mm very well done. I have 6 of the poses loose. Figures are stamped HASBRO and have years bellow plus HK .These are well done in detail and scale
    I saw another listed long ago but with more .Never get hand on it.
    I had not seen then in mint pack condition. No know if were sold in bags, box or else.

    • erwin says:

      Sorry, forgot..
      The HK copies are not the Helm Toy 80’s 6 to 8 poses less detail copies.
      The GI s are in more poses included wounded, falling death and some of the marines poses mix with .

  42. Don Perkins says:

    I wonder if the slightly undersized 60mm Rin Tin Tin remakes, being smaller, would go well with the Marx 54mm pioneers and 7th Cavalry — or would they still appear too large?

  43. Don Perkins says:

    I can still remember, in first grade, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, setting up my new Rin Tin Tin playset, examining each figure of the 60mm Cavalry, and thinking, “What neat figures these are. They seem so different from my other toy soldiers.”

    Although I’ve now got about 30 of the originals (all in metallic blue), I’m glad I bought a set of 40 reissues from the actual mold in dark blue (non-metallic) from MarxMan John Stengel when he first released them years ago. The plastic is very close to the original in softness, texture, and pliability — and being reissued from the original mold, are identical to the originals in size and detail. The only thing lacking was that MarxMan, for some reason, didn’t have the two mounted figures.

    I offered my opinion to John Sr. at one of the shows that if he ever ran them again as reissues he should consider light blue and tan for the colors, just as Marx ran them in those alternate colors, in addition to the standard metallic blue. I remember his response of just nodding his head non-committedly seemed like he probably wasn’t going to run all those reissues again. He initially made a big splash when he found the molds for something like 10 different Marx sets, including the Robin Hood 60mm figures, and released them all at one time in big full page ads in PFPC.

    • admin says:

      John did not run the Marx cavalry. He got them from Mike Ellis. These were first figures Mike ran out of. For some reason Mike could not go back and get more.

  44. Bill Nevins says:

    Weren’t the WW 2 Germans copied by a company in Canada (I think).
    I’m sure that I have copies around here somewhere.

    • Erwin says:

      Yes,Marx WW 2 germans 54 mm were done in Canada.Exact cloned with different shade colors I guess.
      Kent has some listed x long.
      I do not know if under Marx or else.

      • Do you mean the HELM TOYS copies? Made about 1983 after Marx was out of business they copied 6 Marx German poses and 3 Marx & 3 Deluxe Reading GI poses for a small playset. I picture them at my Marx WWII page.

        • Wayne W says:

          The question is, though are any available now? Probably not readily. Again, I’d hate to paint originals no matter how many I have.

          Recasts I think would fill a niche. If someone “buffed” them up a bit – so much the better in my book.

          Kent has a point about crooked selling.

  45. ed borris says:

    The re-casts I just sold were the same size as the originals and they were in dark blue, not metallic. The plastic was also much stiffer than the originals. On the plus side there were no mold defects with the swords, they were all full length. I bought my first bag of re-issues from Bill Nace at Indy. I have since had many others and sold them all off.

  46. Andy says:

    OOOPSSS – ATS HAD a set – now “sold out”, but wonder where he got them or if he can get more. Also check out his other recasts like reverse color ACWs & other companies’ figures.

    • admin says:

      ATS got them from Mike Ellis also known as Marksman

    • Erwin says:

      I did mentioned other day when explain to Don were mold had come from after he ask
      And admin clear after mentioning the right name of guy from UK .
      Funny is till yesterday ATS was not sold out.So aperantly when I mentioned or else they were gone and he had then x over 15 years with rest of former Marx RADO mold sets reissue he got from Mike,other that carry then x long was Rick Bracamontes.
      One detail is ATS had then with out riders pose x lonng…
      TSC had few sets but painted till other day too.

      • Erwin says:

        ANDY ,the molds reissues are the MARX from RADO in HK back in the late 80 or early 90s,that admin had explained were imported by Mike from UK only and he is the only who distributed here.As admin said he never went back and brought more,now molds are gone and no one knows where.
        So till some one find then we will have to wait.
        Best regards….

    • ed borris says:

      He’s had them for years and years, maybe he finally ran out. I bought my first bunch about 10 years ago at least.

  47. bill nevins says:

    For anyone who was wondering, I saw John Stengel Jr today at the Long Island MM show. He said his family was doing as well as could be expected. He also said that it wasn’t a shock and that things has gotten progressivily worse near the end.
    He did say that Irene was holding up well and we spoke about John Sr for a bit.

    It hit me as I was leaving, that for every year that passes, our ranks grow thinner.

    • admin says:

      When we started in this hobby we were in our late 20’s early 30’s not we are in our 60’s and 70’s. Our ranks grow thinner because we are not getting little or no replacements.

  48. Greg Liska says:

    Good to see the pics posted. I’m hoping against hope that this project will still be a success. The conversion looks better than I thought. I’d be OK with the level of detail that exists, but more detail wouldn’t hurt. I guess I’ll keep checking back for updates.

  49. Greg Liska says:

    The mounted poses were recast in that stiff dark blue plastic. I have 3 of them (2 w/ sword, one w/ pistol). I had seen them on Ebay at one time, these I got a the SC Toy Show this past August.

  50. bill nevins says:

    Stengel had them in those same Stone Castle white boxes when they first came out. I know that he go them direct from Ellis because he gave me some test shots. I got boxes of all the ACW poses and 7 Th Cavalry poses, in both blue and gray. Riders included, although almost all of the flag bearers were broken upon arrival. Several swords, also.

    They look great in a 60 mm Fort Apache set up.

  51. ed borris says:

    I didn’t get back into this hobby until I was 50. Even then I started slow, have only been in it heavily for maybe 10 or 11 years. Every year I see missing faces from the ranks. Even those that still show up, I hear their stories about how hard it is to make that pilgrimage to Chicago each year and wonder how many more years they can handle the travel. This year was especially sad with the passing of John, the absence of Willie, Tim and Sam. For the first time I was sad when the show ended, knowing that some of the guys will never be back.

  52. Rich Fisher says:

    I’m glad the 60mm Cavalry are being recast especially with the addition of a NEW mounted pose. I have around 100 of the figures that were released by Mike Ellis( but never had the mounted poses in limited numbers). I’d like to see someone recast the WOW WWI French & Germans & the WWII Germans.

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