Marx Tom and Jerry Figures

Marx made two different sets of Tom and Jerry figures. The first set was a set of 60mm figures. The second set was a 6 inch Tom and 4 inch Jerry. It is believe that neither set was sold in the states. The 60mm Tom and Jerry figures I have picked up in England with Tom being easier to find than Jerry.

At the last Chiller Show after getting our autographs from Hal Linden and Ernst Borgnine we did the dealer’s area. Looking at one of the stands I spotted the above Tom and Jerry Figures. I asked the person at the stand the price he said he could not give me a price.  He told me it was someone else item and he was not there.  This one thing Laurie and I hate when there is no price on an item.  We decided to walk around the dealer’s area and come back. We stopped two more times and got the same answer. At that time we had enough of the show and decided to call it a day.

I looked up on Ebay and found an unpainted version of the two large figures for $69.99. I forgot about the figures until two weeks ago I was trolling Ebay and spotted the large painted Tom and Jerry Figures.  The surprise the figures had not gotten a bid and were at their opening of $9.99.  The figures were set to close in two hours so I put a maximum bid and went on to other things. Two hours later I was informed that  I won the the figures.  I won the items and got them in few days after the auction closed.

The figures are a nice representation of Tom and Jerry. I like Tom as he more resembles the cartoon figure, where Jerry’s face does not. Marx wisely made Jerry’s tail part of the figure so it would not break off. The figures were made in Hong Kong and are copyrighted 1973. The question is why these figures were licensed and only sold in England.

As to that dealer at Chiller, I might have some fun with him on the figuresand then again leave him alone and laugh. Right now the guest line for next Chiller is unexciting and we may skip it.

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2 Responses to Marx Tom and Jerry Figures

  1. Mark Hegeman says:

    I have sent you a set of photos of the boxed figures in large scale. Hopefully you will be able to get some of those posted. In case you do not: The boxed set has a price sticker from a store called “Elder Beerman” whaich is a chain in the NE and Midwest US so I think that shows these were sold in the US after all.
    The 1974 catalog shows T&J: Ramp Walkers, Water Guns and radio. My 1973 catalog is on loan so I cannot check it right now.

  2. Paul Gruendler says:

    NICE! I am pretty sure Bruce Redenour of Metropolis, IL has the set I found and displayed years ago. Always wondered about them. THANKS Paul and Mark!

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