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Laurie  is amazed by how I get information. On Tuesday, Laurie had the afternoon off  so she decided to get an oil change for her car. We left the car at Sears Auto and went for lunch. After lunch, we went to Barnes and Noble as I wanted to check magazine section. I wanted to see if certain magazines were available. One magazine I checked out was Scary Monsters No 85.  Each issue has an column from John Sherock, who Laurie and I met at  Daniel Roebuck’s home in California 15 years ago. John lives in Northen Pennsylvania and is big fan of Zacherly and horror movies.  I glance over John’s  column to see if he has anything interesting and this time he did, he had some comments on Toy Hunter and Chiller. John comments  were not very positive. 

John was upset with the show Toy Hunter, one of the parts  he knocked was the price Jordan had on Marx Great Garloo at the show of $700.00. John felt the price was too low as it would sell for a thousand.  Now unless Jordan had a Garloo at the show , which I was not there, on the show Jordan passed on buying one before the show.  If Jordan did have one at the show one can agrue on the price of a Great Garloo. The prices on the Marx Great Garloo can run between $300 and $1000.00 depending on condition and if works properly.

Next John chided  Jordan on having glass display case in his booth. John said no dealer would have glass display cases at Chiller, because the space it would take up in a truck. I would agree with John, but Jordan did not have to worry about them as the company Sharp Entertainment that produces the show brought them doing a similar layout that  he would have at New York Comicon. Big convention centers have  display cases and other items available for rent when you do a show. When I did Atlantic City Antique Show many years ago, I had to rent chairs and tables as all you got was the space. I did the show one year and pass on it.

The third thing John was upset about was the person who bought the items from Jordan was a regular Chiller dealer. John said that a dealer would not pay retail prices. I believe John is refering to the end of the show when the customer buys Green Ghost Game and another item making Jordan a profit for the show.  If this piece of information from John is correct that is very concerning. It is possible that the dealer was buying for himself. The other possiblity is that it was a sham purchase to make the episode look good.  This situation will require further  review.

John was upset on the short shift Chiller got. I agree with John and so noted this in my review on the Chiller episode of Toy Hunter. This view of Chiller left a bad taste in John’s  mouth and I doubt if he will watch again.

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2 Responses to Toy Hunter Chiller

  1. Paul Gruendler says:

    I for one will more profitably spend my hobby time reading current and back issues of PFPC, Comment Time, Scary Monsters and Richard O’Brien. I feel the TV show is rigged too. And not geared to Boomers.

    • admin says:

      The next time I see Jordan Hembrough, I will ask him why he does not have more baby boomer toys. I hope to see him next month at toy auction.

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