Horrible Histories

This was reported on the Treefrog forum, Worlds Apart is doing a series of 60mm swoppet type figures based on the Horrible Histories a great children book series. The first sets are Romans and Egyptians which will be figures individual packed  and playsets. They will also be doing a series of historical figures individual packed. The poster Plastic warrior Show noted that they are showing test shots of 1870s British Infantry on their web site.

 Another person  has put up this link where you can see the figures.


We will keep you posted as we get more information from the various toys fairs for new toys coming up next month.

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12 Responses to Horrible Histories

  1. Frank says:

    Why repost this ? Most of us check Treefrog as you do ?

  2. Brian Johnson says:

    What is the website to see the 1870’s British Infantry figs?

    • admin says:

      Right now I don’t know as I tried Worlds apart and see nothing. I will check with some people and see if I can get ananswer. Some further information they will be doing a pirate, viking and Tudor figure.

  3. peter Evans says:

    The 1870s British was a test shot master shown at the British Toy and Hobby Fair (a trade show) as he is not yet in production he might not be pictured.

  4. sean burns says:

    Frank: If you feel that Stad’s posts are old news, don’t bother reading them. I never heard of treefrog, and per an earlier post of yours, I don’t get PFPC so I didn’t know that Geppert left CTS. I don’t really care as I have no interest in new toys, but you cannot assume everyone is as well- informed as you. Perhaps you should start a blog or site of your own, as you appear to know everything.

  5. Frank says:

    Easy there. One post I asked about one in what I thought was a civil manner to which Stad replied in a civil manner. And where did I state I know everything ?

    • sean burns says:

      I didn’t say you stated you knew everything. I said it appeared that way. You assumed everyone knew about Treefrog, like you; not so. You assumed everyone gets PFPC, like you, and knew of Geppert: also not so.

  6. Frank says:

    Why dont you drop it. I am sure Stad has no use for this line of communication here.

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