Chintoy Future Release Mounted Civil War General Staff

Chintoy Future Release Mounted Civil War Generals we have just got word on a future release. They are mounted Civil War generals. Each poly bag will have four different generals from from each side.

Chintoy Future Release Mounted Civil War General Staff  The SetsChintoy Future Release Mounted Civil War General Staff


CHT013 is the Union side. The four figures are Grant, Chamberlain, Custer and Sherman.

Chintoy Future Release Mounted Civil War General Staff

CHT014 is the  Confederate side.  The four figures are Lee, Stuart, Stonewall Jackson and Nathanial Bedford Forrest.

As to price Hanants of UK has the price at 16.66 pounds or $22.16.  We should here more on the price soon.

Brian McIver who alerted me to the figures likes the horses. One question right now is what color they will be done  we will keep you informed as we get more details.

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12 Responses to Chintoy Future Release Mounted Civil War General Staff

  1. Erwin says:

    Great .Least not odd charters x now.!!!!!

  2. Jack Gibbons says:

    These are great and needed personality figures. I purchased both sets of the unmounted generals (including Lincoln) at a good price on EBAY. I was very pleased with the quality and sculpting. Maybe the colors will be run to better mix in with the usual Civil War colors.

    It is interesting that the CSA officers are often painted in dramatic mounted poses. Custer would be in the same category. But I cannot remember a single painting or film that ever had Grant or Sherman do anything dramatic on a horse. Usually they are on a calm mount, or trotting casually off to some location. Even Lee posing with Traveller leaves a dramatic image, or of Lee seizing the flag and preparing to lead a countercharge in the Wilderness.

    I am looking forward to add these figures to my collection.

  3. Anth says:

    This Russian stuff. Maybe convert Them for the Alamo!!!

  4. Les White says:

    Hannants are offering a 10% discount on Pre-orders , see here
    They list the regular price as 19.99 UK pounds which will be 17.99 UK Pounds with the 10% discount.
    Seems a pretty good price for 4 mounted figures.

  5. Brian Johnson says:

    Can the figures come off the horses or are they 1 solid figure?And let’s hope this time the Yanks are in Blue and the Confederates in Gray!!

    • ERWIN SELL says:

      They will be done Classical blue and grey-blue as foot sets.

      • Don Perkins says:

        Then let’s hope they made the Union figures in “clasical blue” and the Confederate figures in “grey-blue”. Because on the foot sets, Chintoys got the colors totally reversed from anything that made sense — with the Confederates made in blue-gray, and the Union made in butternut brown.

        But other than that, these Chintoys are always well-made with excellent sculpting, high quality soft plastic, and near perfect 54 mm scale, with some character figures which have never been done before, and new versions of others which make a welcome addition. I’ve purchased every set they’ve come out with, and I’m looking forward to getting these new mounted poses as soon as they are released. And for anybody who wishes to try a set, Scott’s Model Shop in California (ebay handle is “Rebel Alpha”) offers by far the lowest prices and shipping with very quick service.

        • ERWIN SELL says:

          Don i agree.I just copy what i was responded by Scott(Rebel Alpha) as he was told and i post in others he will get both armies mounted set soon x sale as well all EB sets too that he sale x better price than any.

  6. They look nice, I will have to pick up a set of each.

  7. Wayne W says:

    Waiting for these AND Strelets-R new Nappie releases. I don’t know how many of you are in to 1/72 scale, but Strelets has upped the quality of their output drastically recently. What with the price of figures going up and the great reduction of quality output the last few years – coupled with the facts I have a backlog of 1/72 scale figures I’ll never get to paint in the years I have left – I had about decided to stop collecting 1/72 and concentrate on those select 1/32 scale sets that piqued my interest. Then Strelets-R came out with their new British Line, Highland, and Poles in marching and advancing poses and I couldn’t resist…

    So, as the man said, “I thought I was out – but they PULL me back in…”

  8. Wayne W says:

    Correction: JUST when I thought I was out…

  9. Don Perkins says:

    I noted this morning, with sadness, the decision of the Memphis City Council to sell it’s city park to a non-profit entity (Greenspaces), which will now immediately remove the two beautiful statutes of Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest. The article also said the bodies of Forrest and his wife, now resting under the monument, will be returned to their original location in Elmwood Cemetary to be buried. I thought it was a needless affront to two great men who fought gallantly for their convictions, even if misguided in modern lights and conventions.

    This makes me even more anxious to get the new Chintoys mounted figure of Nathan Bedford Forrest, which from the photos seems exceptionally well-sculpted. I actually never dreamed all the Civil War generals we’re now getting from Chintoys would ever be made in affordable soft plastic, much less also getting mounted versions of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Stonewall Jackson — especially at a time when toy soldier collecting is probably on the permanent downswing rather than the upswing. I’m grateful these new Civil War generals, both on foot and mounted, are so-well done, in such good high-quality plastic, in such perfect scale they fit very well with Marx, TSSD, CTS, and Conte. The foot versions were just great, and I can now hardly wait for the new mounted sets. It will be a small compensation for my feelings about the public statute removal in Memphis, and the previous removal in New Orleans.

    I don’t think we can rely on these new Chintoy sets to always be available, so I think I’m going to order two each (instead of just one each) as soon as Scott’s Model Shop announces it has them in stock.

    And it’s amazing we now get something like this not here in our own country, but rather through some rich, unknown Englishman, who has to get them made in Russia/Ukraine, of all places.

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