Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items looks at some figures from my collection. First an interesting use of a Elastolin knight. Then we have a interesting English figure along with deck cannon.  Finally we will  take a look at various figures from around the world.

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items Elastolin

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

This figure I have had 20 years plus. I don’t where I got it, I purchased it because of the  unusual arrangement. They had taken his sword out and replaced it with a stick and a ball underneath.  I have never found any comfirmation or not that was what it was used for.

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items Cannon

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

The figure on the left is a Royal coachman. He is blowing a trumpet and I believe he was done by Charbens. I have always like deck cannons. I have the Britains and  the MPC versions.  This deck cannon is hard plastic.  I do not know who made it. Do you?

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items Figures

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

Here we have two different 45mm Romans I picked up somewhere.  I am sure Peter Evans has them in his PW special but my copy is somewhere else right now.

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

On the left we have an early English plastic from Taylor and Barret.  It is of a man with his dog.  On the right is a Deluxe Reading  soldier. I always like the detail of these figures. They only did five different. They are not easy to find. I have not seen the sitting figure.

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

I was in a dollar store and found this figure from WWF. The figure from a set of four is Roman Reigns.  He is 60mm and I might get a second one have him converted.

Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

We have here two different Foreign Legion figures.   The one on the left is from France  and is early Starlux known as Chubby (Thanks Mathias for the update and correction).  The other figure which look like a Timpo is actually a Ken Toy.

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8 Responses to Plastic Figure Showcase Four Interesting Items

  1. Mark Weitz says:

    The legionnaire on the left looks like a Starlux. Their first series was all done in that strange burnt orange uniform.

    • ERWIN SELL says:

      The legionnaire in left is appear to be first early series Starlux.They were done in bright darker Orange and lighter more cream color as well,Other tone colors made had been done as well;there two kneeling poses one has a radio and firing as well ,other is that in post.Some were marked while others appear to be done copied by other minor brand or as part of prewar to postwar transition of factory when implementing the new stamp.
      The romas are 10 poses and come with a carriage and horses,scale 45/50 mm approx ;very rare armor and i use as late period byzantines,were first received from Peter Evans from UK by me and admin;made in China distributed by Fun toys i think.later i found one local store selling it in same bags as those from Evans .
      I do not think Peter had then in his special roman magazine as come after he did it, but could had been.
      I resold the many extras i end with and keep double set poses.I think are nice decent poses unique designed and definitely not copies.

  2. ERWIN SELL says:

    The deck canon i think is by plastoy or large set pirates made in late 2000s.Never see the deluxin figure in white.I still missing some poses of set.
    I think the herald charben is part of ceremonial set or with Yeoman pose made Interesting see plagiarism figures from so close like Ken Toy and Timpo .Even back in early years they were copying each other almost within few miles or Km from each other.Then many complain about HK later.
    They copy the arabs as well.
    Ken Toys also copied some Timpo Gis and changed to be looks like british ,probably to avoid the so obvious coping -piracy .
    UNA,FG Taylor,Benbros,VP ,Trojan were other brand maker coping around most others in UK.

  3. berthoux says:

    Hello, the foreign legion guy is from Starlux first set. Here, in France, we call them “chubby”.

  4. Andy says:

    In the picture, the cannon is stamped “Made in China” on the left side of the carriage which should narrow it down?

  5. Mark McNamara says:

    Came across what might be the model for Marx Roman with sword and shield ( hunched over ) By an artist named Dean Cornwell ! Scroll down to bottom of page to see, Mark———-!/page2

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