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Clairet Toy Soldiers Kneeling Firing Bazooka

In a previous posting we show a soldier kneeling firing a bazooka from our very good friend Erwin Sell. We received photos from another very good friend Markus Leckscheid shown similar poses. Markus and Erwin believe the two new figures … Continue reading

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Greg Liska is Looking for the following

Our very good friend Greg Liska is looking for the BMC Revolutionary at the ready to do some conversions.  I have no idea what he will do with them, but I know it will be something exciting.  We will keep … Continue reading

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Super Garage Sale

One of my sources for items is a local garage sale.  This garage sale brings together various vendors who have a wide range of items to offer. I have done very well at this show, one year I got a … Continue reading

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Peter Oliver Conversions

We have some more conversions from another UK collector Peter Oliver. Sadly Peter Oliver passed away earlier this year.  From what I was told Peter contracted a flesh eating bacteria that force him to have both of his legs amputee. This … Continue reading

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Still No Sign

Still no sign of either of the Blue Box Fantasy Set or the Pirate Set at Target. I was in Target last week and was checking the toy aisles while Laurie was looking for air condition covers. Neither of found anything … Continue reading

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East Coast Toy Soldier show is only Days away

This is just a  very tiny bit of the plastic and metal figures you will have to choose from next Sunday November 1 at the East Coast Toy Soldier Show. There will be figures in everyone’s price range.  This show … Continue reading

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Figures from a Junk Box

I got a junk box where I found the following figures. The first item is little mouse figure with a cute face.  A piece of fence I have not seen before. It will stand on its own. The cowboy is … Continue reading

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Delaware Toy Show

On Sunday October 25, Laurie and I went to the Delaware Toy Show. The show gives us some dealers that we normally do not see up here  in our area and we have a nice eating place to stop at … Continue reading

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Skeleton Warriors

Our very good friend Erwin Sell spotted these figures  at  Party City. The bag has 16 figures in 4 different poses. The figures are 60mm and sell for $1.99 a bag.  The skeletons would be great to fight against your … Continue reading

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Greg Liska’s Ideal Figure Conversions

Our very good friend Greg Liska has sent us photos of the conversions he has done with the Ideal reissue figures he has gotten.  The first photo shows how he has changed the Mexican stabbing into a Revolutionary War stabbing. … Continue reading

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