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Marx Convention 2015

We found this post on the Marx Convention.  The article is geared toward the Johnny West  collectors. I hope to talk to some people who went to the convention this weekend.

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Update on Lodi Enterprises Greek and Trojans

We have heard from Ken of Lodi Enterprises with the latest update on forth coming  figures.  Here is what he said. I am excited to report that everything is progressing as expected with my first set of figures from the … Continue reading

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Peter Evans Finds for June

Our very good friend Peter Evans sent us another packages of goodies to enjoy. The first item is  Indian canoe  from China . The figures are copies from other countries, but I like how they put the Indian standing firing … Continue reading

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MPC Patrol Boat

At the recent auction I attended they had this MPC Patrol Boat.  The auction had it sitting outside the box of plastic figures.  At one point the auctioneer put the boat up with a car.  The auctioneer said you had … Continue reading

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MPC Raft

The MPC raft when it is found is usually missing the paddles.  I do not know remember the last time when I gotten raft with the paddles. MPC did two versions of the raft open mesh and solid.  Does any … Continue reading

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MPC Red Cross Flag

Over the many years I have seen many different figures and accessories.  You would think I have seen everything. The truth is I am still finding items I have never seen before.  Case in point the MPC Red Cross Flag.  … Continue reading

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Toy Soldiers, Military Relics and Stories of WWII

Ed Borris has done a review of Ross Arendell’s  and Steve Woodrum’s book Toy Soldiers, Military Relics. Recently had the pleasure of reading a collaborative effort by Russ Arendell and Steve Woodrum.  The title was “Toy Soldiers, Military Relics and … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Knights From Erwin’s Collection

These Hong Kong figures of which only one poses is showed at Kent Sprecher’s site too was a full play set with a castle.  They are called (KNGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE ) Made 1984 It comes with 8  foot … Continue reading

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Pvblivs Viking Set Two

Just reported yesterday on the French Plastic Forum, Pvblivs has released a second set of Vikings. The figures as you can see by the picture very detailed. As we get more details we will let you know.

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Supreme Knight Information from Erwin

Note the two poses down left, one men at arms /Robin Hood style peasant and knight with French (fleur-de-lis) on top of helmet.   Third picture shows the two POSES better next to one of other mounted knights Greg has … Continue reading

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