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Peco on EBay

Just a heads up I have put several Peco Figure up for Auction on EBay. One is a revise Army pose plus some Indians.  If interested try Peco or my user id stadsstuff

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Taking a Break from Toy Soldiers

My parents did not drive, so when I learned to drive we did a lot of day trips.  We went to various places that made the weekend interesting. When I married Laurie I continued this tradition.  While many places are … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Show A Report

George Albany has sent us a report on the Gettysburg show. So, I went to the Gettysburg show today; took along a friend who is not a collector, but he had a good time reliving his childhood looking at all … Continue reading

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T Cohn Sailors

I picked up some T Cohn Sailors recently. As you can see they are copies of Marx accept for possible one pose. Two of the poses sailor marching and sailor with semaphores are direct copies of the Marx sailors. The … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes Shell Shocked

I was looking through the internet when I saw that this past weekend in London  they had the first ever BBC Sherlock Homes Convention.  This convention had various stars from the show including Sherlock himself  Benedict Cumberbatch. The fans came … Continue reading

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Peco Recast Pieces

  Ed Borris has tracked down the person who is doing the Peco recast accessories. He is not cheap. If you are interested I will  pass your email along to Ed and he will give the particulars.  Dan and Mark … Continue reading

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Marx Fort Apache Instruction Sheet Canada

 Over the years I have acquired many interesting items for the collection and resale.  Some items I can tell you where I got them, while other items  I have no idea.  Case in point is the above item, a Marx … Continue reading

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More on Greg’s Romans

We have heard from Greg Liska and an update of his Roman. This is about what he did to some Thomas Toy Romans with whips that were damaged. I had 2 whip guys that were broken. One was, the other … Continue reading

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Target Dollar Pirates

  Awhile back a reader mentioned that he had seen at Target a series of pirates for $1.00.  I had it on my list to go and check it out and did so a few weeks ago. I found the … Continue reading

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Playset Magazine Issue 81 Peco

Here is the cover of the issue 81 of Playset Magazine on the Peco. We thank Rusty Kern for giving us permission to share this cover with you. 

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