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One final piece of information from 2015 New York Toy Fair  is EMCE Toys. They have announced that they will be doing three character licensed  toy army like figures Ghostbusters, Aliens and Universal Monsters. Ghostbusters will contain four Ghostbusters and five … Continue reading

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Sell Toy JAGDPANZER L 70 V Feedback Wanted

Our very good friend Erwin Sell wants to hear feedback on his first production the JAGDPANZER L 70 V. What did you like about it? What did you not like about it. Any suggestions for improvements? Erwin wants to know … Continue reading

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Expeditionary Force WWII Figures

Our very good friend Brian Johnson sent us this link where you can see the various poses for the Expeditionary Force new WWII Germans and U.S. Army figures. I am sure you will find the figures interesting just scroll down the … Continue reading

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Photos from Brian McIver

Brian McIver has sent photos of his conversion of the TSSD Union flag bear to a Texan flag bearer. The head is from all the Kings Men. The flag is a hard plastic one from Elastolin and the paint work … Continue reading

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Wal-mart Exclusive Walking Dead

Wal-Mart is getting an exclusive from McFarlane Walking Dead Building Sets.  Selected Wal-Mart stores will get  the Prisoner Tower with an exclusive Rick Grimes figure with multiple weapons.  The link below will give more details and a list of the selected Wal-Mart Stores. … Continue reading

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Even Lido Got Copied

Here is a copy of the Lido Arab standing firing rifle. The figure is larger than the regular Lido Figure and stands 2 1/4″ tall There is a tag on the figure that states it was made in El Salvador … Continue reading

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An Odd Figure

Here is an odd figure I picked up somewhere. I am not sure it is a conversion or was done by a company.  I feel the pose is incorrect. The  figure is 54mm. What are your feelings?

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An answer to a Question

I contacted Mark Hageman,who has a large Marx collection. He recognized right away the figures as premiums done for Canada. He did not say who the premiums were made for. Mark noted that there 12 figures in the series and … Continue reading

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Odd Marx Figures

Much of  Marx ‘s  latter period is not fully documented. Case in point is the above figure.  Was this figure an giveway or series that was sold in the store? How many figures were in the series

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Can You Help

Greg Liska is looking for the following I’m looking for something that is hopefully simple to get in the numbers I ‘need’.  I need 54mm recast Marx Medieval horses in RED and GREY (altho silver will do). It wasn’t all … Continue reading

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