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Hasbro Star Wars Toy Soldiers

CS Asko  has sent us links from a web site call Blending Cool which had pictures of the Star Wars Toy Soldiers that are coming out later this year.  Enjoy and dream    

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Odds and Ends

When I picked up the True Legends at Toys R Us I decided to see what else they had. I found that Mega Blocks has a series Call to Duty that might be of interest for collectors. Also Mega Blocks has … Continue reading

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CS Asko sent us this picture of a Zorro figure.  He asked me who made him? The figure looked familiar, I could not remember when I first saw it. I was thinking  it was from South America. After some reflection … Continue reading

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Toy R Us True Legends

Toy R Us is selling a set called True Legends. The set contains  72  pieces. The set has seven different fantasy figures, which include two female sorcerers and female warrior. The figures are  45 to 50mm, the photo below shows they … Continue reading

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Print Myself

We are getting closer to the point where you will print your army at home case in point below.

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Interesting Conversions

Here is an interesting conversion, I found in a junk box.  someone took the Marx 60mm BO Plenty figure and changed the head with a Britains Swoppet cowboy heat. The figure was painted the figure could be used as a … Continue reading

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Norwegian Moose Patrol

This has to be the strangest conversion I have ever seen. The figure was done by a man who had a massive diorama in his basement. He various battle scenes. Not content with the way the figures look, he did … Continue reading

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DGN Hing Fat Armies

Erwin Sells has  taken the trouble of breaking down DGN Hing Fat Army figures so you get full set combinations. If you bought just the tubes it would take you three tubes at least to get every pose. Erwin is … Continue reading

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If you got Money

Our Very good friend Peter Evans sent this posting on a rare Marx Prototype. You only need $2125 plus postage.  

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Can you Help?

Bill Nevins emailed me the following request. Paul,  I am looking to speak to anyone who attended the  first Marx Meet run by Ed Bielcik’s. Can you throw something up on your blog for people  to contact me at : … Continue reading

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