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History of OWN Figures

  Erwin Sell has decided to share the history OWN figures. It is  very interesting and fascinating. OWN is literally (“overall war nation”)!?…in other words; they try to write/type in English initials (all wars of the nation) referring to all … Continue reading

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Allentown Train Show 2014

The Allentown Train Show is one of my closest shows and usually my worse. Over years I have gotten some good stuff at the show but more times I have gotten nothing.  I decided to go as I want to … Continue reading

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An Update From Eric Johns

Eric Johns has done an update at his web site . Instead of me trying  to rephrase it, I have put up his message. Hi,   I have recently  updated the site with pages on Medieval Accessories, Pirates, … Continue reading

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Help on finding and getting items from Local stores.

Erwin Sell  has offered to look at local stores for items  such as Dollar General pirates. Here is his offer below Last and forgot to mention. Any local store find mentioned before that you or other collector cannot find; I … Continue reading

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Toy Hunter Giant Toys

The episode opens with Jordan and Steve trying to get the store close as tomorrow they have to fly to Saint Louis for the Toyman Toy Show. In walk Todd and Todd father and son with load of toys in garbage … Continue reading

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Star War Army Figures

We just got word from our good friend Brian Johnson that Hasbro is coming out with a series of 2.5 inches unpainted Star Wars figures under a series call Star Command. From the pictures it look like it will be a … Continue reading

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Spanish Exploration Figures

I finally got a chance to do pictures of the figures that Arlin Tawzer. I hope find out more information in the coming week on these figures.  

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Ed Borris’ Alamo Conversions

Ed Borris has given me permission to share photos of his Alamo conversions he does. Ed sells them at Indianapolis and OTS show. These conversions are a nice way to diversify your Alamo scene.

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New Engineer Bassevitch

Our good friend Mathias  has let us know that Engineer Bassevitch has done  two more set in their figure set.  Set six is Heroes of Russian Civil War. The set contains 10 different figures. Set seven is Partisans of the … Continue reading

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Easy Bake Ovens

Here is a great article on the Easy Bake Ovens.

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